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Various different Inspirations bookshelves


Chain block hanging in a stronghold

Englightened Bush

Enlightened bushes making up a christmas tree

Glass Door

Glass doors and trapdoors in a glass house


Mulch around a tree

Mulch Colors

All available colors of mulch

Bricks path

Bricks path over mulch

Rocks Path

Rocks path in a village

Round Path

Round path going through a field

Tiles path

Tiles path in a village


Rope hanging from a tree

Colored Enlightned Bushes

Various colors of enlightened bushes

Vine rope

Vine rope hanging from a tree

Small flowers

Small flowers with their larger counterparts

Tough as Nails Juice

Making Touch as Nails juice in a cauldron

Cauldron Brewing

Brewing potions in a cauldron

Cauldron Stew

Making stew in a cauldron

Cauldron Dyeing

Dyeing armor in a cauldron

Anvil Smashing

Anvils smashing blocks below

Better Cauldron Item

Anvil Dispenser

Dispenser placing an anvil

Better Flower Pots

Flower pots holding modded flowers

Using bone meal to create dead bushes

Desaddle pig

Removing the saddle from a pig

Fitted Carpet

Carpets fitting to stairs

Flower Pot Comparator

Comparators getting a redstone signal from flower pots

Harvest Hanging Vines

Harvesting a chain of vines all at once


A recently harvested heartbeet

Melon Shearing

Using shears to break melons

Bricks Button

Pressing a hidden brick button

Carpeted Trapdoor

A open carpeted trapdoor revealing a secret room

Charged arrow

A charged arrow triggering a redstone lamp

Lock and key

Using a lock to lock a chest

Redstone barrel

A redstone barrel being moved by a piston

Trapped Book

A trapped book producing a signal in a bookcase

Redstone charger

A redstone charger powering a piston

Redstone Torch Lever

A redstone torch lever being toggled by a pressure plate

Torch Lever

A torch lever revealing a secret door