Introducing Inhibited! A small, simple mod which adds one potion effect: Inhibited, which effectively mimics adventure mode (/gamemode 2).

Inventory status effect

What it does

While this effect is active, players are effectively in Adventure Mode – It‘s like Survival, but they cannot place blocks and they cannot break blocks. Interactions with chests, doors, levers, buttons, mobs, etc. all function totally normally!

Why this effect is useful

For my upcoming modpack, I wanted a way to have a command block within a custom structure (in this case, custom-made Recurrent Complex structures) that would place players into adventure mode. This means that dungeon crawling, battles, and especially boss fights cannot be cheesed with minecraft breaking/placing, while allowing the entire rest of the world/map to be the classic minecraft sandbox!

Give me some examples?

  • Sure. If you created a custom area, like a village marketplace and you didn‘t want players breaking/destroying the design, you could give them this effect as they enter the zone.
  • How about using a mod like ROTM to have certain mobs give this effect upon attack? While inhibited, players are forced to fight, instead of „just build, lol“ (fortnite flashbacks?).
  • Create a boss arena, where when the player approaches they are given this effect, effectively rendering the arena a true battleground.
  • Did you spend a long time creating epic dungeons with RC only to have players mine through the walls to the good loot? Now they can‘t! With this effect, players must dungeon-crawl the way you intended.

Why did this need to be a potion effect?

There are many reasons, but the biggest ones are:

  • It can be consistently applied every tick with command blocks, or other modded means like Set Bonus, In Control, etc. You could make entire (specific/other) dimensions adventure-mode only!
  • When players walk-to-exit an area, the effect must wear off when they leave.
  • When players die, they must respawn back in the previous mode they were in (survival, if that‘s the previous mode)
  • What about if players used some technique to teleport out, that isn‘t walking out? The effect also needs to wear off then.

By making this a Potion Effect, you allow all of the above to be applicable.

Example command for 30 seconds without particles: /effect Player inhibited:inhibited 30 0 true

This mod was commissioned for Minecraft 1.12.2.