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Infinity Craft adds the six Infinity Stones from Marvel to Minecraft.

Requires Lucraft: Core


If you have any question or a problem with the mod, create an issue or ask in the questions Matrix room. Questions on Curseforge will not be answered.


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Stone Abilities:


Power Stone:

-Nearly unlimited attack damage with the hand

-Nearly unlimited resistance

-Energy blast with nearly unlimited attack damage


Reality Stone:


-Size Changing

more coming soon!


Soul Stone:

-Nearly unlimited health

-Fast healing

-Snap (if all stones are in the Gauntlet) Kills the half of all loaded entities

more coming soon


Time Stone:

- Fast forward time

- Stop time


Mind Stone:


-Telekinesis (if HeroesExpansion is installed)

more coming soon


Space Stone:

Same abilities as the one from HeroesExpansion (if HeroesExpansion is installed)


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