Infernal BugZ

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The Ant is a very dangerous mob capable of generating in groups, it has a probability that when a player is killed, a new ant will be generated

Souless Wasp

The Souless Wasp is a mob capable of flying, it has a great rivalry with the Beetle Beast

Beetle Beast

The Beetle Beast is a very dangerous mob that is generated in the Basalt Deltas, it wants to kill the other species of bugs and its drop allows you to create the new helmet


Horned Helmet: Grants you Strength 2 for as long as you have it equipped AntennaPickaxe: It is very similar to the Diamond Peak Soul Spike: It is a type of arrow capable of being thrown with the hand and with the ability to throw enemies away

Diabolic Beetle

Time to use the power of your horns ...


You will like it a lot. If you offer him his favorite flower, the calendula, he will thank you in an interesting way.

Warped Scorpion

Kill him before he runs away ... but watch out for his stinger


Give him the Diabolic Leather and then give him the saddle. Hope you enjoy the ride ;).