incorporeal 2 for 1.16: here

incorporeal 3 for 1.18: here (beta test)


Incorporeal is a Botania addon that adds more things for corporea networks, Botania's item storage and transport system.


The aim is to expand the possibilities of corporea networks, while keeping in the spirit of what Botania is: a puzzly mod you can lose yourself for hours in. Incorporeal adds items and blocks, sure, but what it really adds is new puzzles to solve and new challenges to overcome. To borrow a term from Vazkii: player-focused design.


Enough rambling, what can it do for you:


  • a Corporea Spark Tinkerer, which tinkers the network of corporea sparks
  • a Corporea Solidifier and Ticket Conjurer to record corporea requests onto tickets, and
  • the Sanvocalia functional flower, which can replay those ticketed requests
  • the Red String Liar, allowing you to lie to your own corporea network
  • the Corporea Soul Core, a basic security system
  • the Corporea Retainer Evaporator, allowing for richer control of interceptor-retainer pairs

Also included are some less corporea-specific, but still useful in relation with corporea, items and mechanics:


  • the Rod of the Fractured Space, allowing manual intra-dimension item teleportation (for a hefty fee)
  • a Frame Tinkerer, which tinkers items on item frames
  • the Ender Soul Core, for automatable ender-chest access
  • growable Redstone Roots: plant them, and they will blossom into working redstone components!
  • A mystery flower that has something to do with note blocks. I won't spoil it here. But it's so sad.

Everything above is documented in more detail in the Lexica Botania. Most stuff is post-Elven, so if you don't see any entries, try throwing your book through an elven portal.


What's not included?


  • Graphical user interfaces. What is this? A tech mod?
  • Things that make corporea easy. Nope. If you wanted a "corporea but easier" mod, you won't find it here.
  • good art (actually some ppl are helping me with this!!!!!)

Anyway this mod is free software blah blah Mozilla Public License 2.0 blah blah you know the drill by now.

Available to play in English and Chinese!

Thanks to SPRshachuku for submitting a Chinese translation.


Questions? Comments? Just lonely? Join me on Discord: https://quat1024.github.io/discord/