In-Game Time(r)

4,752 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 22, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

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This is a pretty simple mod. Shows the in-game timer (or in-real-life time) on top left of the screen.

It can be configured to

  • Show-hide the 'In-Game Timer: ' string
  • Show-hide the timer
  • Show-hide the tick count
  • Don't start the timer at the world load, instead use a command '/igt start' to start it and begin able to stop it with '/igt stop'.
  • Show the In-real-life time (with configurable format, hh:mm AM/PM by default)

Configuration File:

# Configuration file

config {

    general {
        # Show/Hide the 'In-Game Timer:' text
        B:"Show Text"=true

        # Makes ticks appear after the time, in parenthesis
        B:"Show Ticks"=false

        # Show/Hide HH:MM:SS:DD time
        B:"Show Time"=true

        # If enabled the timer will start when the command 'igt:start' is executed instead at the start of the world
        B:"Start Timer via Command"=true

        # Every how many ticks (1 second = 20 ticks) should the in-game-timer update?
        # Min: 1
        # Max: 20
        I:"Update rate"=1

    "real time" {
        # How to display the irl time. Possible pattern letters can be found here:
        S:"Real Time Format"=hh:mm a

        # Makes the string on top left corner show real life time. If this is true, the in-game-timer will no longer be visible. In 'format' you can even add day, month and year.
        B:"Show Real Time"=false


Modpack Permssions:

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