This is a simple mod that gives you full control on where mobs are allowed to spawn. It is based on a rule system. The rule files are located in config/incontrol.


There are currently five rule files (as of 3.5.1):

  • spawn.json: with this file you can block spawning of certain creatures under certain conditions. In addition, when a spawn is allowed you can also alter some of the properties of the mob like maximum health and others
  • summonaid.json: this is a file that is structured the same as spawn.json but is only used when zombies are summoned for aid
  • potentialspawn.json (1.12 only): with this file you can remove and add spawn rules under certain conditions. The rules in this file are used before the rules in spawn.json are fired so make sure that when you add a rule for new mobs here, the new mobs are allowed in spawn.json
  • spawner.json (1.16 or later): with this file you can add spawn rules under certain conditions
  • loot.json: with this file you can control the loot that mobs drop when they are killed based on various criteria
  • experience.json: with this file you can control how much experience you get from killing mobs based on various criteria

More in-depth documentation can be found in this wiki: In Control! Wiki


Also check the companion mod: Fx Control


Note! Comments have been disabled because it is hard for me to check for this on too many places. If you want to submit a bug report then go to the 'Issues' tab or here: InControl Issue Tracker. If you want to discuss RFTools in general you can do that here: In Control on my discord




This mod can be freely used in any modpack.