Improved Villagers

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News: Ported the mod to 1.12.


Also, I have recently started a wiki for this mod, it is WIP and I could use some help.


This mod originally came from the Configurable Doors to Villagers mod, but I wanted to expand on the Villagers more than just doors and twins. This mod contains elements from my two mods: Mo'Drops and Configurable Door to Villager Ratio.  This mod adds meat and bone drops to villagers and has a few other addition such as twins and allowing the user to configurable the doors per villager ratio for breeding.


As well, this mod makes changes to the villager AI to work better and adds an improved village generation. It should be disabled if there are other village gen since this can disable that.


  • Adds mesa villages
  • Adds doors to small houses.
  • Makes only farmers spawn in wood huts, used be any type of villager.
  • Farms, small houses and wood huts spawn much more in villages.
  • Allows for two of any type of building (meaning there can be 0-2 churches instead of 0-1, etc)
  • Add torches to library and wood huts.
  • Adds pigs to butcher's shops.



Note: This mod is a continuation of the Configurable Doors to Villagers mod. The reason for this is because I want Configurable Doors to Villagers mod to be small mod for its sole purpose. 


This mod also makes many changes to the villagers. (The list is imcomplete.)

When killed, villagers drop meat, a nose, bones and emeralds.

Villagers can be tempted by emeralds like cows are tempted by wheat.

Villagers can now breed by one (mod default) per door.

Villagers have a third chance to remain willing to breed after breeding.

Every villager now starts the game named.

You can now rob villagers which will give you more emeralds than straight up killing them.

Villagers now panic when hurt or on fire like other mobs.

Villagers are less likely to look at the player when they aren't trading.




The config file!

# Configuration file

general {

# If this is set to 0, villager drops will be enabled. [range: 0 ~ 1, default: 0]
B:"Enable Villager Drops"=0

# If this is set to 0, this mod's villages will be enabled. Should fix village incompatibilities with other mods [range: 0 ~ 1, default: 0]
I:"Enable Villages"=0

# Set this to 0 if you want a chance(1/3) that villagers to be willing to mate again after mating. [range: 0 ~ 1, default: 0]
B:"Mate Again"=0

# If this is set to 0, then villagers will be overridden by the mod. [range: 0 ~ 1, default: 0]
B:"Override Original Villagers?"=0

# Set this to the chance for the villagers to have twins. Set to 0 if you want to disable this. [range: 0 ~ 100, default: 3]
I:"Twin Chance"=3

# For each of this number of blocks, a village will try to spawn, Unmodded:32. This is will not do anything if Enable Villages is set to 1 [range: 2 ~ 128, default: 24]
I:"Village Distance"=24

# Set this to the number of villagers per door. Unmodded: 0.35(almost 3 doors for one villager), Mod Default: 1.0 (one door per villager)
D:"Villagers per Door"=1.0



Yes, you may use it in any modpack you want as long as you don't claim to own this mod.


You may also do a video of this mod without my express permission. 


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