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This mod basically adding DNA mechanic for every Living Entity and let users to create modified offsprings for their entities via custom machines. Also this mod adds some new mobs and features from Minecraft Earth game.



Turkish %100 by CreepSkeet

Russian %85 by kazmurenko


If you want to help me for translating this mod to your language, you can start translating at the following link:


-link- comming soon



I will add an general tutorial video but for now you can follow this guide:


It is an old tutorial Entity and Sub Entity Id's are changed to Genus and Species.






DNAs contains genetical values which used for specilazed every entity in itself like max health, movement speed, drop counts... Only way to see the DNA values of an entity is extracting and analyzing its DNA. With DNA Editor you can customize your own entities or directly clon your entities. For customizing you need a spesific genes for spesific features.



Breeding is one of the important part of the mod. Since in nature you can't find every gene for modifying DNA, you need to breed species for obtaining better genes. (For an example look at the Health Multiplier and Speed Multiplier sections at DNA Parts)


DNA Parts:


Genus shows entities' genus. All entities have Genus and Species name For example for vanilla's sheep it's name is "Sheepus Zertus". Genus is the base vlue of the DNA, which can't be changed. If you want a cowus Genus DNA you need to get the DNA from entity which belongs to Cowus Genus like Cow, Mooshroom(Red, Brown), Moobloom...

Breeding Effects: Only two entities with the same Genus can breed. Normally, you can't breed Ocelot with Cat or Cow with Mooshroom but with this system they can breed with each other.



Species is a value for determining entities' species. Genus and Species are related with each other. Via editing DNA you can change offsprings' Species but you can't change form Genus to different Genus. Consider you have a DNA with Genus: Sheepus and Species: Zertus. Since Its Species is Zertus, it is a vanilla's default sheep. If you cange the Species from Zertus to Firstus you can obtain a Horned Sheep from a normal sheep. Since you can't change Genus you can't obtain a Cow form Cowus Genus via DNA Editing.

Breeding Effects: If two different species breed, the offspring's Species are determined with a %50 chance. For example, Sheep and Horned Sheep's offspring will be sheep with a %50 chance or will be Horned Sheep with a %50 chance. 

Other mobs that not listed here have just one Species. For example, Rabbit is Rabbitus Zertus. There is no Rabbitus Firstus.


Health Multiplier:

Health Multiplier is an integer which is used to determining entities' Max Health. For example, by default Sheep's Max Health is 8 but if a sheep's Health Multiplier is 11, Its Max Health will be Default_Max_Health*11/10 = 8*11/10 = 8.8 which means this sheep has %10 more health than a normal sheep. In the nature you can find entity with Health Multiplier value  betwen 8 to 12 but via breeding you can extend the scale 6 to 20.


Breeding Effects: To calculate offspring's Health Multiplier, use the following formula. For example, accept the Parent A's Health Multiplier: 12 and Parent B's Health Multiplier: 12 too. Offspring's Health Multiplier will be chance of %50 ((12+12)/2)*0.9 = 10.8 = 10 or cahance of %50 ((12+12)/2)*1.1 = 13.2 = 13 (This number only can be integer thus, after decimals will not be considered). Normally you can't find an entity with Health Multiplier: 13 but with breeding you can obtain it.

You can see the diferances of entities Max Health(Used Neat to show health values):


Speed Multiplier:

Seed Multiplier is an integer which is used to determining entities' Movement Speed. For example, by default Chicken's Movement Speed is 0.25 but if a Chicken's Speed Multiplier is 8, Its Movement Speed will be Default_Movement_Speed*8/10 = 0.25*8/10 = 0.2 which means this Chicken's Movement Speed is %20 slower than a normal Chicken. In the nature you can find entity with Speed Multiplier value betwen 8 to 12 but via breeding you can extend the scale 6 to 20.


Breeding Effects: To calculate offspring's Speed Multiplier, use the following formula. For example, accept the Parent A's Speed Multiplier: 8 and Parent B's Speed Multiplier: 8 too. Offspring's Speed Multiplier will be chance of %50 ((8+8)/2)*0.9 = 7.2 = 7 or cahance of %50 ((8+8)/2)*1.1 = 8.8 = 8 (This number only can be integer thus, after decimals will not be considered). Normally you can't find an entity with Speed Multiplier: 7 but with breeding you can obtain it.


Drop Multiplier:

Drop Multiplier is a integer which is determine mobs drop count. This value can be 1 which is default, or 2 which is really rare. If an entity's Drop Multiplier is 2 there is a chance for extra drop but it is nat guaranteed.(For example, if a sheep normaly drops 1 wool when died, now it has a chance to drop 2 wools. Lootings enchantments also increase this extra drop chance too)


Can Breed:

This value determines if entity can breed or not.


Additional Info:

Not all entities have Additional Info. For shortly some entities have Variant value which is used for determining color for sheep, llama, rabbit, parrot, horse... or type for villagers. Bears have 2 additional genes determining characteristic which are  Main Gene and Hidden Gene. Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Llamas... have already genetics for health, speed and Jump Strength and Strength(chest slots) for llamas. Thus, when we multiply their Max Health and Movement Speed's with Health and Speed Multiplier, we accept Normal Max Health and Normal Speed genes as a Default values. Normal Max Health and Normal Speed values are determining by vanilla's own genetic mechanic also Jump Strength and Strength determined by vanilla's genetic mechanic too.


Here is an Analyzed Horse DNA:

Horse DNA

Max Health will be NormalMaxHealth*HealthMultiplier/10 = 25.0*9/10 = 22.5

Movement Speed will be NormalSpeed*SpeedMultiplier/10 = 0.25676...*12/10 ≈ 0.308112

Jump Strength will be 0.682621...

Variant will be = 774




Buttercup: It is a basic flower from Minecraft Earth.

Creature Sample: It is part of a creature. When you right click a entity with Knife, it will drop creature sample and than you can extract animal cell from it.

Petri Dish: It is a basic lab tool needed for some machines to work and for storing animal cell.

Test Tube: It is a basic lab tool needed for some machines to work and for storing DNA.

Unknown Animal Cell: Not implemented yet. Wait for prehistoric update.

Dead Cell: Not implemented yet. Wait for prehistoric update.

Empty Animal Cell: It is an Animal Cell without a DNA. You can obtain it from DNA Extractor when extract DNA of Animal Cell. It will needed by DNA Injector for injecting DNA into Empty Animal Cell.

Animal Cell: It is needed to extract DNA. You can obtain it from Cell Extractor when extract cell from Creature Sample.

DNA: It cannot directly put in DNA Editor to edit. You need to analyze it with Analyzer to prepare. You can directly use it in a DNA Injector to inject in an empty animal cell.

Analyzed DNA: It is a prepared verision of DNA for high-tech DNA Editor. You can directly read genes' information from tooltip. You can use it in a DNA Injector to inject in an empty animal cell.

Knife: It is a helpful tool for collection creature samples from entities via right-click. Since you cannot get creature samples from Genebots, if you right-click them, they will drop their emeralds and will be deactivated.

Horn: It will drop from Horned Sheep. You can play it.

Red Mushroomed Egg: Red Cluckshrooms will lay it. If you throw it on a entity which has mushroom form it will undergo metamorphosis(Red type). It also gives some effects to entity.

Brown Mushroomed Egg: Brown Cluckshrooms will lay it. If you throw it on a entity which has mushroom form it will undergo metamorphosis(Brown type). It also gives some effects to entity.

Bucket of Mud: Mud has same features with mud from Minecraft Earth. Mud is not spawn naturally right now but you can craft Bucket of Mud.

Machine Card: You need to right click on connection block to get position information. If you right-click a Genebot while sneaking with machine card, Genebot will get it. If Genebot has machine card you can right-click it for give connect command or if you right click while sneaking with empty hand you can discard machine card from Genebot.(If machine card's position information not valid anymore Genebot will not attempt to connect).

Gene: Genes' store spesific genetic information like speed, strength, infertility... (Please see the tutorial video for understanding it better).



This mod has 8 machines and 2 sub-machines. Machines using Forge Energy as energy unit so it is compatible with other mods which using Forge Energy.



It is a basic energy-producing machine via using coal, charcoal, and coal block as fuel. It gives energy out from its left-side.


Cell Extractor:

Cell Extractor

This machine extracts an animal cell from a creature sample to a petri dish.


DNA Extractor:

DNA Extractor

This machine extracts DNA from an animal cell to a test tube.




This machine analyzes DNA which is extracted form DNA Extractor and makes DNA to be able using on DNA Editor.


DNA Editor:

DNA Editor

This machine can't be crafted and only found in lab ruins. It is used for editing and customizing the analyzed DNA. If this machine is out of power or not next to Connection Block (needs to be activated), it won't let you interact with it.


Connection Block:

Connection Block

This machine is needed to use DNA Editor. It cannot be crafted, only found in lab ruins. To activate the machine right click with machine card then put machine card to the Genebot and right-click to give connect command.


DNA Injector:

DNA Injector

This machine injects DNA (analyzed or not doesn’t matter) into the empty Animal Cell and prepares the Cell for Cloning Machine.


Cloning Machine:

Cloning Machine

This machine needs a tank on top of itself to be work. It is using its tank to grow an offspring from Animal Cell (Modified or not).




This machine is a subpart of the cloning machine. It protects and grows embryo in its amniotic fluid.



Horned Sheep

Horned Sheep

It is a modified sheep type. Not spawn naturally only obtain by modifying sheep's DNA. Unlike sheep, it will attack back when being attacked. You can color its wool like normal sheep. They can breed with other sheep types.


  • 1 Horn (if wearing its full coat of wool when killed)
  • 1 Wool of the corresponding color.
  • 1–2 Raw Mutton (cooked mutton if killed while on fire).




It is a modified cow type. Not spawn naturally only obtainable by modifying cow's DNA. You can shear mooblooms like mooshrooms, it will drop buttercup and become a normal cow. They leave a trail of yellow flowers as they walk. They can breed with other cow types like normal cows and mooshrooms.


  • 0–2 Leather
  • 1–3 Raw Beef
  • 0–1 Buttercup



Cluckshroom RedCluckshroom

It is a modified chicken type. Not spawn naturally only obtainable by modifying chicken's DNA. Cluckshrooms seek darker areas. If a cluckshroom is under direct sunlight, it runs around wildly until it is out of the sun. You can shear cluckshrooms like mooshrooms, it will drop mushroom according to their type (red/brown) and become a normal chicken. They leave a trail of mushroom according to their type as they walk. They lay mushroomed egg(red/brown) and when you hit an entity with mushroomed egg, if the entity has the mushroom form it will undergo metamorphosis according to mushroomed egg's type (red/brown). They can breed with other chicken types like normal chickens.


  • Mushroom
  • Raw Chicken
  • Feather


Muddy Pig:

Muddy Pig

It is a normal pig but just covered with mud, not a new type. When pigs saw a mud they run into it and cover itself with mud. Muddy Pigs have a chance to have flower top of their heads. Muddy pigs move faster than dried and normal pigs. If muddy pigs stay out from mud for a while they will dry and if they touch water they will be a clean normal pig. They can breed with normal and dried pigs since they all normal pigs.


Same as the normal pig.




Genebots are mysterious technician robots and they can only be found in lab ruins in deactivated form. Genebots' energy depends on the emeralds thus, if you right-click with an emerald it will be activated and follow you for your commands. If you right-click with a knife an activated genebot, its emerald will drop and will be deactivated. Once your genebot is deactivated you are no longer its owner, which means if someone gives an emerald to the genebot it will belongs to that person. Genebots needed to activate Connection Blocks for DNA Editor. To connect Genebot a connection block you need to give it a machine card with valid position information. You need to be sneaking while right-clicking genebot to give a machine card. If genebot has a machine card, now you can give connect command via right click it will go to connect(sometimes it can be buggy so try several times if it doesn't go to connect). If Genebots don’t have connect command their emeralds’ color will be darker, when you give connect command their emeralds’ will be lighter. If genebots have machine cards you can right-click while sneaking to discard cards. Genebots are robots thus, they can't breed and they don't have DNA.


The left one has connect command. The right one is normal one. You can see the color difference of the emeralds.


  • If it was activated it will drop its emerald.
    • If it has machine card it will drop it.


There is a basic DNA Editor setup:

DNA Editor setup 

Baby Parrot:




Parrots are now breedable! You can use apple to breed parrots.





New cow type that can produce lava. It has two small volcanoes at its back. Each volcano can store half bucket of lava. When its volcanoes are full you can take a bucket of lava from it by right click with empty bucket. (It needs to eat grass to refill it volcanoes like sheep but to fill full, it needs to eat two times) When its volcanoes full you can see its lava at dark. Volcows have a fire immune so they won't be burn. Also they are soo heavy so they knockback less. You can milk suspicious stew by right click with empty bowl. That stew will have effect of fire resistance with 5 second duration.


  • 0-2 Basalt.



Lab Ruins:


These abandoned labs have story but you will learn that when Improved Genetics V2 Prehistoric Update released. This is the only place where you can obtain DNA Editor, Connection Block and Genebots.




Special Thanks To

  • Bullet_Phobia (He made some machines' front textures)
  • FeastofWinds (He built lab ruins)



Made By CreepSkeet