Set π to any value, globally.


/setpi [value] # sets the current value of pi anywhere that it can be found
/setpiclient [value] # same as above but when on servers
/getpi # gets the value of pi
/getpiclient [value] # same as above but when on servers

Warning! Servers' anticheat may ban you as your movements will be sporadic

Why the name Imπrium?

Imperium is Latin for control, this mod allows you to control π, so Imπrium

Is this mod compatible with X?

Probably, this should only affect mods that directly target literal π constants.

If some mod does crash while you have Imπrium installed, remove Imπrium, it is very invasive.

How Does This Work?

In simple terms, every time some code is loaded into the game it scans everything in that code for literal representations of π, half π, quarter π, 2x π (aka Tau), negative π, etc. It replaces it with a reference that can be set via /setpi, allowing you to change the value of π everywhere, including in other mods.

Yes, this is invasive, and yes this may break other mods, no there is no other way to do this.