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Filename immersivemc-1.2.2-1.19.2-fabric.jar
Uploaded by 275hammy
Uploaded Jan 10, 2023
Game Version 1.19.2   +1
Size 305.54 KB
Downloads 1,871
MD5 5f6c5b99cb59deac1e9719e31ae1c119
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Minor Features:

  • Added an option to use an outline instead of a full box for item guides.
  • Added a button to use for ranged grabbing (you can still use the hand gesture, though!)

Minor Improvements:

  • Campfires now give items after removing the old ones instead of before to make it more intuitive with stack sizes of 1.
  • 3x3 grid immersives such as crafting tables will now rotate based on the HMD rather than the primary controller when in VR
  • 3x3 grid immersives such as chests will no longer rotate based on the player's look direction when the block already provides a direction for items.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed immersives all becoming disabled when changing dimensions
  • Item guide boxes no longer obscure items behind them. Immersive bag users rejoice!
  • Hopefully squashed chests being stuck open once and for all
  • Chests can no longer be unintentionally opened after closing them using the VR hand gesture
  • Doors and fence gates now make noises for the player opening and closing them (they already made noises for other players)

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