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Filename immersivemc-1.2.0-1.19.3-forge.jar
Uploaded by 275hammy
Uploaded Jan 3, 2023
Game Version 1.19.3   +1
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MD5 81f75778c082d4ca6c33653a76f2df13
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Version 1.2.0 of ImmersiveMC is here! Besides bug fixes, this will be the last version for 1.18.2. That being said, here are the changes!

Major Changes:

  • Added immersive beacon support!
  • Added immersive barrel support!

Compatibility Changes:

  • Fixed an issue causing a mod conflict between mods such as MedievalWeapons and the chest immersive.
  • Added integration to Fabric's ModMenu mod.
  • Added an option to support the Classic 3D Resource Pack.

Minor Changes:

  • Added the ability to hold SHIFT and right click to bypass an immersion. Especially useful for chests, shulker boxes, and the new barrel immersive.
  • Added a link to the wiki in the config screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Added support for Shulker Boxes facing other directions, fixing a bug where they would look very incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't take furnace fuel out of a furnace.
  • Bumped up the Architectury version minimum for 1.19.2 to alleviate a bug where keybindings wouldn't work.

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