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Filename immersivemc-1.0.0-beta3.jar
Uploaded by 275hammy
Uploaded Jun 24, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 194.74 KB
Downloads 301
MD5 ba8367d02d2eb698395b4737a093d2a0
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This will (hopefully) be the last version before Release 1.0.0!

New Features:

  • Aqua-colored mostly-transparent boxes are shown where you can place items to guide players who are starting out. This can be disabled in the ImmersiveMC settings.

  • You can now enable a setting that automatically clears a crafting table when you craft an unstackable item.

  • All settings in the ImmersiveMC config now have a tooltip that describes what they do.

  • You can now customize ImmersiveMC without being on the title screen! It can be opened by default with the , key.


  • Thrown items no longer immediately show particles when thrown.

  • The backpack now clears like the crafting table does when you can no longer craft an item.

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