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Filename immersivemc-1.0.0-alpha4.jar
Uploaded by 275hammy
Uploaded May 5, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
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MD5 4015640f60a825c7cb2e5d7d693561da
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The last alpha release! The next release should be Beta 1.

Changes since alpha 3: New Features: -A config accessible from Title Screen --> Mods --> ImmersiveMC --> Config that allows customizing everything to do with ImmersiveMC.

-VR users can now physically open/close chests, and non-VR users can now use the chest immersive (optionally)

-The crafting immersive now shows the result above the table, which can be right-clicked out of VR and grab with trigger held in VR,

-Ender chest immersive support

-Repeater immersion support (VR only)

-Alternate modes for furnace and brewing stand

Improvements/Minor Features/Bug Fixes:

-The bag now supports the lower two layers of items,

-Fixed the bugginess with the chest immersive

-The server now respects the client disabling button/lever/campfire/ranged grab settings

-Don't set positions/hitboxes when we don't need to in a lot of cases, hopefully helping a bit with client-side performance.

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