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Are you sick of in-game GUIs? Do you want to make your game immersive, whether you're in VR or not? Do you want to take Vivecraft to the next level?

Then you'll love ImmersiveMC!

Crafting Demo

Chest Demo Demo

VR Chest and Jukebox Demo

VR Grab


ImmersiveMC is available for Forge and Fabric! If you don't see the version you want to play, click the "Files" tab above and browse for the version for your modloader of choice!

IMPORTANT! ImmersiveMC has a few requirements/dependencies that MUST be installed! These are:

What is ImmersiveMC?

The goal of ImmersiveMC is to make Minecraft more immersive! It most obviously does this by minimizing the amount of GUIs you need to interact with.

You can use things such as the crafting table, furnaces, and brewing stands without having to open a GUI, and even more when you're in VR! Check out all of the features that ImmersiveMC offers at the wiki linked above!


There's VR support! In fact, this mod was primarily built to make VR a better experience!

You'll need my API mod, mc-vr-api to use this in VR. With this mod installed, you'll be able to use your actual hands to place items, instead of just right clicking!


ImmersiveMC is needed on both the server and the client if you're playing multiplayer! ImmersiveMC is NOT a client-side only mod!


Need Help?

Check out the wiki linked above! Still need help? Come join the Discord!

Version Support

All versions currently supported should be available from the sidebar or in the "Files" tab at the top! Make sure to enable the "Show Alpha Files" toggle, as there may be a newer version there, but expect bugs! If there isn't a version already available there for some new Minecraft version, it should be there soon!

There are no plans to backport ImmerisveMC to older versions of Minecraft, nor are there any plans to port it to minor versions of Minecraft that have newer versions. For example, there are no plans to port ImmersiveMC to 1.19.0, as 1.19.2 already exists. Note that as of 1.19.3, what is and isn't a minor version is more ambiguous due to Mojang's new update strategy for Minecraft: Java Edition.


Come join the ImmersiveMC Discord server for support and announcements of ImmersiveMC updates!


Modpacks and Redistribution?

Feel free to use this mod in any modpack as long as you do NOT charge for it!