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Immersive Weapons, by AnonymousHacker1279

Immersive Weapons is a weapons mod more than just a weapons mod aiming to spice up your combat skills.

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Hey everyone,

My availability due to college is quite restricted, so I do not have time to do frequent updates like I used to. If you would like to help contribute, please don't hesitate to ping me in the Discord server (linked at the bottom of this page).

Traverse the world, scavenging in destroyed factories or climbing to the pits of hell to collect new and powerful resources. Build stronger and more versatile weapons of war. Fortify your base and sound alarms at the first sign of intrusion by invaders. 

A few things that will be the highlight of your experience:

  • Tiered Pikes, so you can stab someone from way over there
  • Flintlock Pistol, Blunderbuss, and Musket, so you can shoot someone from way over there
  • New and Powerful Swords, so you can slice someone that isn't way over there
  • Tiered Gauntlets, so you can punch someone that isn't way over there, but not over there enough to use a sword
  • Medical Equipment, so you can survive getting stabbed, shot, and sliced
  • Environmental Traps, so you can stop people from coming over to stab, shoot, and slice you
  • Accessories, to improve your ability to stab, shoot, and slice people (or to improve your ability to not get stabbed, shot, and sliced)

A few other notes:

  • I only intend to work on the latest versions of Minecraft. Please don't ask about porting to old versions.
  • This is for the NeoForge modloading platform. I have no plans to port to other modloaders.
  • Yes, you can include it in modpacks, provided it is open source and doesn't have an installer.
  • This is open source. If you want to port to old versions or to another loader, that's fine, but I cannot help with that.
  • This is NOT to be reposted to any mod reposting websites. The only places you should download this mod are this CurseForge page, the Modrinth page, or the GitHub repository. #StopModReposts

Interested in the development of this project, or just want to hang out? Join the official Immersive Weapons Discord server.

If you have questions, I highly recommend joining the Discord server. I respond much more quickly there.

Active development will be focused on the latest Minecraft version. You should upgrade to newer versions of Immersive Weapons for bug fixes and new features. You can find more version support here.

Additionally, contribution and bug/feature report information can be found on my GitHub repository.

I recommend installing the Immersive Weapons Compatibility Bridge alongside IW for support with popular mods like JEI, WTHIT, Project MMO, Lucent, and Curios.

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