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Trin - The Trims Of Freedom

Trin & UNU compatible
Immersive Vehicles is a Minecraft mod that allows you to download vehicles pack (planes, cars, and much more).

Trin, one of the greatest fictional Immersive Vehicle brand is here to present to you it's inventory of cars, utility vehicles, trucks, and way more! This is an Immersive Vehicle pack that adds to the game over 34 new vehicle models, all coming in over 10 different skins. All those vehicles are usable, drivable, functional, and customizable.
This version of the pack is V3. For more models, but maybe a bit old, there is the Trin Civil Pack V2, maintained, functional. V2 is compatible, and both packs work great together.

NOTE: Trin Civil Packs do not add any parts! It is needed to use the Trin Part Pack for a full collection of engines, wheels, seats, and other awesome parts! Without this Part Pack, vehicles will not spawn.
You can find it here:

Trin being expending to all vehicular markets, also has the chance to offer those packs:

-          Trin Emergency Pack:

-          Trin Civil Pack V2:

-          Trin Decor Pack:


To have even more fun, you could also check out the Trin online configurator  to make your dream Trin model.


Feedback and bug reports are welcomed! You are more than welcomed to use Trin Packs through servers or mod packs.

You can have more and better info (like planned vehicles, games, a way to order custom liveries and more) in the Trin official Discord: