Immersive Engineering

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Filename ImmersiveEngineering-0.12-85.jar
Uploaded by BluSunrize
Uploaded Aug 27, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 5.83 MB
Downloads 972,910
MD5 11ca78df75853ac7499f7193a4f03504
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- Re-Added Thaumcraft compat (BluSunrize)
- Added hammering of plates for Brass, Thaumium and Void Metal
- Golems can farm hemp
- Purifying Fluid and Liquid Death work in the Chemthrower
- Made the External Heater work with the Essentia Smelter
- Added a tooltip-display to Speedloaders and Revolvers to display their currently loaded ammo (BluSunrize)
- Re-Added the "Super Secret BluPrintz" easteregg (BluSunrize)
- Added the ability to use the Capacitor Backpack as a Bauble (BluSunrize)
- Fixed up the skyhook, including one crash (Malte)
- Fixed some rare crashes when closing a world (Malte)
- Fixed redstone connectors not closing doors using weak signals (Malte)
- Fixed the mixer crashing if the recipe is trying to process too much fluid (Malte)
- Fixed Machinist selling iron and steel drills in the wrong order (BluSunrize)
- Fixed balloon colouring on dedicated servers (Malte)
- Fixed a dupe bug (Malte)
- Fixed a crash involving metal ladders (Malte)
- Fixed Crafttweaker Integration to allow removing Potion mixing recipes (BluSunrize)
- Fixed an edgecase crash with Cartographer Maps (BluSunrize)
- Fixed ArcFurnace requiring additional inputs to start a recipe (BluSunrize)
- Fixed upgrades vanishing in the Workbench (Malte)
- Fixed Lightningrod not playing nice with other mods' energy transport (BluSunrize)

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