Immersive Engineering

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Filename ImmersiveEngineering-0.12-77.jar
Uploaded by BluSunrize
Uploaded Feb 19, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 5.85 MB
Downloads 187,769
MD5 24d426ec8d5b62d6a64bd11ee80042e2
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- Various changes to the wiring system (Malte):
- Uninsulated energy wires cause damage now
- Wires don't need clear line-of-sight but a clear path along the wire as it is rendered
- Placing blocks that obstruct wires will cause the wire to break/drop
- The skyhook can attach to the middle of connections, rather than just the endpoints
- Added a feedthrough insulator as a way to get wires through walls
- Addons using wires will have to adapt to these changes!
- IE now prints a message to chat if Java 8 update 25 is used since it causes unfixable crashes (Malte)
- Changed Drill to have the "Shovel" tool class (primetoxinz)
- Changed Excavator to show Cobblestone instead of missing texture when digging items instead of blocks (BluSunrize)
- Fixed the drill not properly accepting its head (Malte)
- Fixed broken deserialization of boolean properties, this caused some potential issues with Buildcraft (Malte)
- Fixed some TESR blockstate crashes (Malte)
- Fixed IE projectiles (chemthrower, railgun) not working (Malte)
- Fixed wire loss being higher than intended in some cases (Malte)
- Fixed fluid pipes losing fluid and not accepting small amounts (Malte)
- Non-IE wires can no longer be connected to IE connectors (Malte)
- Fixed arc furnace particles rendering when the arc furnace isn't active (Malte)
- Fixed some capability crashes (Malte)
- Fixed mobs trying to jump over IE fences (Malte)
- Re-fixed the blast furnace using slightly more coke coal than it should (Malte)
- Fixed Vertical Conveyor recipes returning too little (BluSunrize)
- Fixed Nullpointer on Redstone Probes (BluSunrize)
- Fixed Output slots not being blocked (BluSunrize)
- Translations Added/Updated: en_ud (The-Fireplace), ja_jp (iceink001)

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