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Immersive Armors adds a bunch of Vanilla-friendly and unique armor sets to the game.
In contrast to boring copy and pasted armors, Immersive Armors focuses on visually enhanced armors, some with capes or custom models.
Most of them provide exclusive effects like Berserk mode, bounceback, spikes, divine protection, and more.
Crafting recipes are properly registered in the Vanilla recipe book. Enchantments, repairing, dyeing works as expected.

40 new armor items and counting! You have a suggestion? Tell me in the comment!

Wooden Armor

Can't speak for you, but I got tired of being sniped by skeletons.
This primitive yet effective armor offers a quite well arrow and explosion protection.

Skeleton Armor

Ever wanted to turn your enemies into armor?
Probably not, but here is a lightweight skeleton armor.
Allows you to move quicker, and the Wither armor even.
Skeletons no longer attack you.
Harms everything trying to touch you!

Divine Armor

You want to stand out? Here you go, a fancy golden-red armor.
Feel free to color the cloth the way you like it.
Aside from looking nice and having an exceptional amount of protection,
a full set of the Divine Armor fully blocks an attack every minute!

Heavy Armor

High armor, increased toughness and barely any knockback at the cost of mobility.
This armor set is designed to crush even the strongest foes.

Slime Armor

Okay, I know, that doesn't look like armor. But trust me, it works.
Enemies attacking you will bounce away, and explosions won't hurt that much either!
You might smell after wearing this tho...

Warrior Armor

It's not just Viking armor, with it, you become a Viking!
Deal more ax damage and more overall damage for every missing health point.
Fell into the Berserk mode and slay your foes in brutal melee combat!

Robe Armor

Fluffy, dyeable wool armor.
With infused blaze rods to deal fire damage to everyone trying to attack you!
Oh, and it's also fireproof. Because blaze rods. Science!

Steampunk Armor

Spinning gears, brass, a compass, a clock, and a lot of smoke.
Let me present you with the most complex armor set, the Steampunk Armor.
The helmet comes with a hostile-radar-system, activated while sneaking.
The chest plate provides an enhanced GUI to never lose track of time again!
The leggings are equipped with a double jump and the boots prevent fall damage altogether thanks to integrated steam jets.

Prismarine Armor

Use the Guardians spikes for your advantage!
The spiky armor deals, well, spike damage to attackers.<
While the solid rock slows you down, it also provides the Depth Strider effect.


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How to Craft?

All items are integrated into the vanilla recipe book (and any mod like JEI).
Bone, iron block, prismarine shard, wool, slime, piston, leather armor,
robe, a wither skeleton skull and wood are the items required to unlock the recipes.



Join our discord here:
The discord server is also a good place to notify me about bugs.



  • Epic Fight mod (armors will use ugly fallback)
  • Mods trying to render armor with reduced transparency



Generally, Immersive Armors should be compatible across all entities, but here a list of mods specifically making use of Armors:



Immersive armors is translated in a lot of languages via machine translation,
but since the quality is often quite bad you are welcome to join the translation team here:
Feel free to down vote bad ones and submit yours.


You don't like the color? Some armor sets are dyeable!

Shader in the screenshot is the Nostalgia Shader


Immersive Collection

For maximum immersion, check out my other immersive mods:



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