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New beautifully made plushies created by Quillager!


v1.1.5: Now compatible with Hunter Illager!

v1.1.3: Now compatible with Blue Skies, and L-enders cataclysm!

 v1.0.5: Now compatible with Dungeons Mobs!

v1.0.1: Now compatible with Enchant with Mob!

Blockbench Render:


Obtention Methods:

-Pillager: 3% Drop Rate from Pillagers

-Vindicator: 3% Drop Rate from Vindicators

-Evoker: 6% Drop Rate from Evokers

Enchanter Recipe (Previous to Enchant Mob mod compatibility, recipe removed from version 1.0.1 upwards): 



Compatibility (Compatible mods are not required to use Illager Plushies, the compatible mods only make the special plushies droppeable)(Potentially compatible with other mods that add any of the mobs from the plushies):

Enchanter Mod compatibility (1.0.1 upwards):

 Compatible with Dungeons Mobs! (Illager Plushies 1.0.5 upwards, only 1.16.5) (Dungeon mobs requires Dungeons Libraries):

Dungeons Mobs Droprates:

Illusioner: 5% Drop Rate from Illusioners

Windcaller: 5% Drop Rate from Windcaller

Geomancer: 5% Drop Rate from Geomancers

Iceologer: 5% Drop Rate from Iceologer

Vindicator Chef: 5% Drop Rate from Vindicator Chef

Mountaineer: 3% Drop Rate from Mountaineers and Armored Mountaineers

 Compatible with Blue Skies, and L-enders cataclysm:

Blue Skies Droprates:

Alchemist: 12% Drop Rate from the Alchemist boss

Summoner: 12% Drop Rate from the Summoner boss

 L-Enders Cataclysm Droprates:

Nameless Sorcerer: 10% Drop Rate from Nameless Sorcerer

 Compatible with Hunter Illager

Hunter Illager: 12% Drop Rate from Hunter Illager