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Igneous Additions: Version 1.1


Using Forge build: 1334


Please note: Igneous Additions' revival project, Igneous Extras, is currently in pre-release development. I'll update this when I get a beta build out :)



Igneous Additions started as a simple project; Create slabs and steps for igneous rocks. Since the original concepts, more features have been steadily added.


Igneous Additions now lets you do so much more; You can create slabs, pillars, stairs, furnaces, crafting tables, walls, gates, buttons, pressure plates, swords, and tools. More is being added with every release :)


Doors are currently not implemented, but will be available in 1.2.


Scientists have discovered that cultivating farmland using Obsidian also has an unexpected effect... Interested? Just make an Obsidian Hoe, and feel Mother Nature's love.


Certain Prismarine tools, especially the dark variants, have unexpected secondary actions. Interested? Just give me your soul experiment and find out. I take full no responsibility if your character dies.


Updated information and full change logs can be found in the Minecraft Forums topic. 


I hereby give everybody the right to use Igneous Additions in their mod pack. No restrictions apply. It would be nice if you could let me know so that I can play and see where I can expand!


Here's a video created by SnakeMCGaming - There's a bit of rambling at the start, but hey; He sounds like Alec Sadler, so he gets my respect :P



For now, let's just get started with some pictures of what you can create. I'll be using links here, but the forum topic has more images in spoilers.


You have more freedom creating Nether Portals! (This was a quick design; Let's see how you go)


You can make roads that match your personal taste. (Please ignore the old light designs; An example of a new one is here)


Or, you could simply make a granite roof for your tomb.