28,208 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 4, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


How to use the mod:


1. How to get the gauntlet :

  - At this moment you can only get it from the creative tab.


2. How to get the stones :

 - Space Stone : Kill Enderman (Temporary)

 - Other Stones : No Option to get them other than creative yet.


3. How to select a stone : 

 - Put the gauntlet in your off-hand and press Right-Click.

 - A gui will pop-up and you can select your stone.

 - Currently working stones : Power, Mind , Space , Reality


4. The config :

 - You can open the config by going to mods in the main menu and by selecting the mod.

 - You will see the diffrent settings for the mod. They will have a tooltip to clarify their function.


5. Stone functions : 


 Power Stone :

   - Right Click to shoot a laser which will kill any Entity instantly.

   - Physical Stone : You can die when holding it , It checks if you're worthy enough.


 Space Stone:

  - Right Click to open the GUI.

  - Enter the coordinates you want to teleport to via portal.

  - Physical Stone : If you hold it for too long you will start drifting.


 Time Stone:

  - Right Click to freeze entities & Throwables (Arrows..)

  - Physical Stone : While holding it the time will move faster.


 Mind Stone:

 - If you right click an entity while sneaking , Another hostile mob in range will try to kill the entity for you.


 Reality Stone:

 - If you sneak and right-click , The sand around you will become quicksand for a period of time.

 - Physical Stone : When you hold it , off-hand or main you can fly in survival!


Soul Stone:

- If you right click an entity you can become the entity (Move Around)

- Some mobs you can use their special function like you can explode a creeper while being it via the SPECIAL keybind (Standard : "N")


All Stones:

   - Press "M" or any key you defined to "snap" your fingers and kill any entity in a range set in the config.


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