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Available for 1.16.1-1.16.5

The Iceologer is here!

This guy spawns rarely in any biome that is classified as "snowy" or "icy" (can be disabled or adjusted in config).

He attacks by summoning a menacing ice cloud that will hover above and track its target for three seconds before rapidly falling down and crushing the target, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Slowness V & Nausea.


If you can defeat him, he drops the Ice Wand.


This bad boy allows you to attack enemies by summoning an ice cloud above them after right clicking them. Upon use, the Ice Wand is set on cooldown for 20 seconds. It only lasts for 64 uses - make them count!




The version labeled 1.16.4 works for 1.16.2 and 1.16.3 as well.

You can make the Iceologer appear in raids using the configuration file.

The Iceologer's model and render code (borrowed from tallestred's Illagers Wear Armor mod) allows it to properly render armor if equipped with it via commands.


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