Ice and Fire: Dragons in a whole new light!

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Filename iceandfire-1.8.1.jar
Uploaded by alex1the1666
Uploaded Aug 22, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 18.52 MB
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MD5 cbea2068337d90e03b2478c54ba36f80
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


-Added in new A* Pathfinding algorithms for both Dragons and Myrmex

-Tweaked Myrmex AI

-Tweaked Dragon Flight

-Decreased client sided lag of dragons caused by multiple texture stitching issues

-Fixed dragon forge deleting items on reload

-Fixed crash with Ender IO

-Fixed deathworm gauntlets on armor stands issue

-Fixed rotten eggs not firing from dispensers properly

-Fixed baby dragons not riding shoulders properly or at all

-Fixed ice dragon destruction crash

-Fixed dragon cave generation crash

-Fixed mounting minecarts or other entities being teleported randomly

-Fixed dragon forged armor not being repairable

-Fixed ice dragon horns having incorrect rotation when walking

-Fixed lag from dragon armor

-Fixed some misspellings in the bestiary

-Fixed server console spam

-Fixed crash with Mo Creatures Wyvern dimension

-Fixed trolls and stymphalian birds not dropping their respective drops

-Fixed tame dragon griefing bug

-Fixed dragon eyes not glowing

-Fixed crash when starting game offline

-Fixed dimension whitelist not working on fire/frost lilies

-Fixed rendering issue with More Player Models mod

-Fixed rendering issue with Super Heroes Expansion mod

-Updated Chinese Translations

-Updated Russian Translations

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