Ice and Fire: Dragons

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Filename iceandfire-1.2.0.jar
Uploaded by alex1the1666
Uploaded Sep 9, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 6.78 MB
Downloads 6,246
MD5 48b0cda4816d2c7599ac26939e2cf01a
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


-Mod uses 1.7.7 version of LLibrary now.

-Added Hippogryphs. Search for them in mountainous biomes and tame them!

-Added Gorgons. DON’T LOOK INTO THEIR EYES. (thanks to Zyanna for the structure)

-Added Pixies. Find their villages in roofed forests!

-New dragon textures for both fire and ice dragons

-New dragon sounds for both fire and ice dragons

-New dragon Flight AI

-Dragons now defend their owners

-Dragon strike now works

-Dragons are now angry balls of rage again

-New Dragon Staff Texture

-Added Chinese Translations

-Nerfed dragon shake attack

-New block textures for gold and silver piles

-New block sounds for gold and silver piles

-new block textures for frozen blocks

-Added frozen splinters block

-Fire and Ice dragons will now turn wooden blocks into ash or frozen splinters, respectively.

-Changes to oredictionary definitions

-Fixed Sponge Forge Snow VIllager Crash

-Larger dragons now articulate their legs on uneven ground(thanks Paul101)

-New Achievements

-Lecterns can be placed on half blocks

-Edited spawn rates a bit.

-Fixed Silver Ore not obeying the config

-Fixed Podium and Lectern deleting inventory

-Fixed Ice dragons only being female

-Fixed dragons causing soft crashe

-Fixed spelling/grammar in bestiary

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