IC2 Wrench Plugin

76,660 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 4, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

This Addon/Plugin is a split of From IC2 Classic (So do not use it with IC2 Classic!)


What does this plugin/addon?

It simply adds a Wrench Simulator which allows you to use other Modded wrenches on IC2 Machines.


The supportet Wrench Types are (Knowen):

-IToolWrench (BuildCraft) (Railcraft)

-ITool (EnderIO)

-IAEWrench (Applied Energistics 2)


So simply when this mod is installed you can a BC wrench on IC2 Machines.


only note is:

This is only a 1 way Wrench Methode, So you can not use IC2 Wrenches on other Machines that are not from IC2/Addons


Also IC2 Classic provides an API which allows you to register your own Wrenches to it so that you can support IC2 Exp and IC2 Classic.



-The only config you have is: Are tools in lossless mode or not.


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