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Filename IC2Classic 1.12-
Uploaded by Speiger
Uploaded May 27, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2   +4
Size 5.82 MB
Downloads 1,137
MD5 2483cea3b6daed5f964928ae470122f0
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Another Patch version with a couple fixes, stability for certain features and performance improvements.



  • Fixed: fix minecraft keybindings not working in guis while "KeysInGuis" is enabled performance improvement for the key update (only check the KeyBindings if they should be active)
  • Fixed: A couple bugs regarding ItemStack != null
  • Changed: RotationList is no longer Mutable.
  • Changed: Cables no longer run on boolean[] it now runs on RotationLists.
  • Fixed: RecipeIDs are now generated via a HashCodeGenerator based on Input / Output.
  • Fixed: Bug with FluidHelper still checking things wrong.
  • Fixed: Liquid Fuel Generator was duping liquids.
  • Improved: Basic & Adv Machines got a performance improvements that should decrease lag with slow running machines a bit. (Disable recipe checks once validated)
  • Fixed: Tank UI Components render now custom colors in Fluids.
  • Changed: 1 Slot Tanks (Fill only) will now consume containers if you
    put in more then 1 Item. (2 Lava Buckets (if that is possible) would
    turn into 1 empty bucket)
    This is done to ensure that things like that work properly.
  • Added: Custom ItemAPI class for better data reading.
  • Added: More Entries itno the ItemAPI
  • Added: Ways to add custom entries into the ItemAPI
  • Fixed: BC API reversed its functionality. Breaking the FluxProducers.
  • Fixed: New Recipe Hasher was randomizing things. Now Everything should be based on not changeable registry ids so they are 100% unique based on what the mod is doing.
  • Fixed: A Couple tiny things regarding addon api.


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IC2Classic 1.12- Dev 5.77 MB May 27, 2019