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Filename IC2Classic 1.12-
Uploaded by Speiger
Uploaded Dec 3, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2   +4
Size 5.78 MB
Downloads 4,276
MD5 139043b11e25f156946bff217cfddd16
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Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


New patch that was supposed to come out a couple weeks ago. (1-2)


Anyway here is now the changelog. Lots for addon makers and a couple bugfixes & additions.

Also Dev version for addon makers are now present. (Internal addons that change how ic2c works)




  • Fixed: AddonAPI version check functions are now working properly (Meduris)
  • Added: Functions for checking the AddonAPI version internally.
  • Added: Lots of helper functions for the SpriteHandlers for addons.
  • Fixed: NullStack in nano Saber.
  • Fixed: Shields in vanilla were indestructable do to bugs. Also no
    vanilla sounds played.
  • Added: Cable InternalAPI has now the missing functions to make it useable from the outside.
  • Added: Helper functions for machine baseclasses that allow them to be better controlled.
  • Added: Harvesting the cable sneaking when it is foamed removes just the foam.
  • Fixed: Canning machine was missing a lot of recipes in JEI
  • Added: A couple functions are now visible in the IC2C audio System. So that some features become accessible

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IC2Classic 1.12- Dev 5.73 MB Dec 3, 2018