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Filename IC2Classic 1.12-
Uploaded by Speiger
Uploaded Aug 26, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2   +4
Size 5.75 MB
Downloads 564
MD5 85a81d544526e057f7e4c0a7ead1784d
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


1.12 release. Thanks to 2 friends this port was made possible.

Thanks to them. (MainFreak & Meduris)


The mod was ported within 2,5 days and bugtested for around 180 hours by a lot of people.

There are minor changes to the mod that improve the quality over 1.10.2 a tiny bit.



-Curse Release

-Changed: Machine Upgrades (Slot stuff) use now direction textures and the new nicer buttons.
-Added: Fixed textures from Razzokk.
-Fixed: New ore miner uses now uranium ore drop as trigger.
-Changed: some of the Challenge advancements are now hidden. (Because you gain them while playing)
-Fixed: Crop Library did crash.
-Fixed: Pump didnt support new Fluid containers.
-Fixed: Obscurator was broken
-Fixed: (Attempted) to fix the jetpack issue


-Changed: A lot of toggle buttons got changed. It looks a lot better now.
-Fixed: Fluid Handlers should now work better so bc shards bug is fixed
-Added: Chisel prefix into valid boxable items.
-Fixed: Cell duping with obsidian crafting


-Fixed: Project red should load before IC2C so its oredict is loaded.
-Added: New Statistics & Advancements
-Fixed/Added: Localiazation for new things and old things.
-Fixed: CropScanner can now anayzer Crops again
-Fixed: Glass Panes connecting to cables.
-Fixed: Iron Fences model was adjusted to MCs new Fench Connect check so they wouldnt look so ugly. (Also compat to other mod fences added)
-Added: IE Integration. (Liquid And Hemp Support)
-Added: Hemp Oil Potion Recipe (made out of seeds in a compressor) (Note it takes a lot of seeds because it makes you almost unbeatable without armor)


-Added: BC Fuel Support.
-Added: BC Robots can now harvest IC2Crops automatically.
-Added: Chainsaw can now mine cobwebs.
-Fixed: Rubberwood can now grow on humus
-Fixed: Jetpacks will now remember the state if you start riding an entity and restore once you no longer ride the entity.
-Added: Rainbow Crop to ic2Crops
-Added: White Flower to ic2Crops
-Fixed: A localisation
-Added: Restoring fertilizer has now a proper rarity since its worth a fuckton, and also has now a enchanted effect


-Fixed: NewOreMiner Advancement.
-Fixed: Shaped Recipes had a stupid bug.


-Fixed: Some Recipe Book recipes were bugged out.
-Added: RecipeAdvancements so they unlock as you gain the items.
-Added: Quantum & Nano Armor show their installed upgrades
-Fixed: Drill dirt mode caused offhand rightclick to happen.
-Fixed: Recipes regarding some things
-Added: Woodgasser upgrade Recipes
-Fixed: Statistics were broken.
-Fixed: EU reader statistics werent properly done.
-Added: Stat for Distance Teleported
-Added: Stat for How much foam you sprayed
-Added: Advancementts & New Statistics.
-Fixed: Crash with Energynet (and forestry)
-Fixed: (Attempted) Bug with breeding mode cropanalyzer


-Fixed: EnergyNet crashes because of Ic2Exp interface.
-Fixed: WoodGasifier/ElectricWoodGasifier had issues with cell exporting.


-Fixed: Tinkers Construct didn't support a required function for stackcrafting. I made a workaround. So no longer able to cheat with tinkers. (Only took 1 item if it was supposed to take 4)
-Fixed: Memory slots of the Industrial workbench would lock up after reputting it into the slot.
-Fixed: Shiftclicking a item into the industrial workbench that was in the crafting grid would merge the stacks and void items.


-Fixed: Crops needed a better sync check.


-Fixed: Treetaps works now on servers


-Fixed: Audio Engine kills all sounds when the game is paused.


-Fixed: Iron Furnace filters are now working.
-AttemptFix: Adjusted modversion so railcraft can run on ic2c.
-Fixed: Crafting tincells with water & lava is now implemented again.

-Fixed: Electric Hoe makes placement sounds now.


-Fixed: Nuclear reactors return nullstacks. (not allowed)
-Added: Finalized the crop api and machine api.
-Added: RecipeValidator config that allows to disable a lot of recipes. (Not all)
-Added: Custom Recipe Loader (Documentation will be released on offical release)
-Fixed: Pumps didnt save their charge
-Fixed: Filling of the Fluids with personal Tanks.
-Fixed: Jetpack Models wont show up


-Fixed: Personal tanks consume items in the hand when opening.
-Fixed: Buildcraft causes a crash because of ic2c still enforcing Blockstates to be client only.
-Fixed: Crops could hold torches.
-Fixed: Macerator / or any other machine would crash on inserting items into them via automation.
-Fixed: Pamsharvestcraft fix (attempted)


-FailedFix: Tried to make a compat for pamsharvestcraft (carrots/potatoes dont work on cropsticks with that mod)


-Improved: ItemRenderer when mining/punching/swing


-Fix attemt: Guis shifting stuff around


-Fixed Baubles items.


-Fixed: Tea/Coffee wouln't return the proper stacks.
-Fixed: Electric enchanter was bugged out.
-Added: Eletric enchanter throws enchantment advances and stats
-Fixed: Reinforced Blocks weren't placeable.
-Fixed: Luminators werent rendering their none glass state.
-Fixed: Steam texture was bugged out


-Fixed: All the recipes are now possible and are also shown in the crafting book properly.
-Fixed: industrial workbench auto unlocks now recipes when crafting.
-Fixed: Crop textures.
-Compat: BC seems to work now tested with: (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/buildcraft) latest build.
-Added: IC2C shows also now subrecipes in the Vanilla Recipe book. (right now you need to unlock them manually)


-Fixed: JEI Intigration.


-Initial Port.