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This mod provides tired sweat dirt, for you to break the game blocks.

 Add objects and blocks so you can bathe, clean yourself, dry yourself.


  • add a shower where you can take a bath to clean all the dirt you have.

  • Add a bucket of purified water so you can take a bath, you have to put it under the shower.

  • A hygiene bar is added to the game.

  • Add a towel so you can dry yourself when it tells you it's wet, you have to dry it with the towel with an oven or smoker.

  • Added a towel rack.

  • Add a setting in the Minecraft folder so you can configure it to your liking. Examples: Set how dirty you get when breaking blocks, using blocks or objects, or stepping on objects.

  • You can open a hygiene GUI to put in an exact place the bar with the key. 
  • You can also change the position with it.
  • You can also change the position with it.
  • You can change the language to Spanish or English in the hygiene settings.
  • Here's the English.

Config English.

Gui you are wet.

Edición de la barra gui.

  •  Aquí esta el español.

Configuración english.

Gui Estás Mojado.

Gui Barra Editar.

  •  Add a few bottles so you can pick up the cornflower plant and put it in the oven or smoker to make the liquid soap and then place it in the cobblestone pit for the soap to form.

  • The negative effects of not bathing are nausea and slow movement.

  • The effects of not drying out is weakness.

  • Hygiene Recipes:
  • Ways to get the cornflower in the bottle

  • Cook the bottle with cornflower and water to make liquid soap.

  • Put the cobblestone well to make soap to use.

  • To dry the towel you can put it in the oven.

  • You can wash the towel.

  • Recipe Cobblestone Well.

  • Recipe Shower.

  • Recipe Towel.

  • How to use each object:
  • You can dry with the towel when you get the wet message.

  • you can dry yourself with the towel when you get the message of wet and dirty.

  • Here I show how to put the shower with clean water.

  • Here I show how you can use the soap with the shower so that you are cleaner.

The mod is already loaded so you can try to see.


it is advisable to use the latest versions that came out.


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