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Welcome to Hybrid World for Open Cubic Chunks



This addon require CubicChunks version 0.0.938 or higher (, CubicWorldGen version 0.0.54 or higher ( and MinecraftForge or higher. This addon allow to generate CustomCubic-type world above and below vanilla range (0-255) for custom world types with CubicChunks enabled. It is unnecessary to have this addon on client side. Clients without this mod will be able to join a server with this mod installed.

How to use:

Create new or copy existing CubicWorldGen preset to path <world_save_folder>/data/cubicgen/custom_generator_settings.json. Use any compatible world type with Cubic Chunks feature enabled. You can add preset before creating new world.

Player can use this mod to modify a world from the Open Cubic Chunks project :D