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Filename Hwyla-1.10.0-B52_1.13.2.jar
Uploaded by TehNut
Uploaded Feb 17, 2019
Game Version 1.13.2
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MD5 a8d9326bc169b0eb858174f325ccfce1
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions


Version 1.10.0:

- Initial port to 1.13.2 on Forge
- Modders beware: There are several API changes to bring it up to modern standards. Notable changes include
    - Tooltips are now backed by `ITextComponent` instead of `String`
    - `ITaggedList` has been reworked to be much easier to work with
        - See `HUDHandlerVillager#appendHead(...)` for an example of how to replace an existing tagged line
    - Config values are now namespaced
        - See `PluginCore` or `PluginMinecraft` for examples
    - Tooltip renderers are now namespaced
        - See `PluginCore` or `PluginMinecraft` for examples
    - Some classes were renamed to remove the "Waila" identifier
    - `getNBTData(...)` in `IWailaDataProvider` was moved to `IServerDataProvider`
        - See `HUDHandlerFurnace` or `HUDHandlerVillager` in the default Minecraft plugin for block/entity examples
    - Registration methods for data providers have been flattened into a single method (`registerComponentProvider`) with a position parameter
        - See `PluginCore` or `PluginMinecraft` for examples
    - There is now a way to display a stack for an entity (`registerEntityStackProvider`)

When in doubt, check the javadocs.

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Hwyla-1.10.0-B52_1.13.2-api.jar 24.62 KB Feb 17, 2019
Hwyla-1.10.0-B52_1.13.2-sources.jar 69.03 KB Feb 17, 2019