Hunter's Nightmare

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Development on this mod has completely stopped.
Due to time consuming real life issues, organisation problems and the emergence of mods with very similar features (e.g. Nycto), we have decided to fully abandon this mod and all other projects of us. It is possible that we may come back, but likely not in the near future.
The following description is only kept for legacy purposes:

The logo of the mod

What is Hunter's Nightmare?

Hunter's Nightmare (formerly Hunter's Dream) is a Minecraft modification which adds supernatural hunting to Minecraft, ranging from folklore monsters to spirits behind the veil.


Installation process (for 1.12.2)

  1. Download and install Forge for the respective Minecraft version (1.12.2).
  2. Download Hunter's Nightmare from the "Files" tab.
  3. Locate the mods folder in .minecraft and place the file into it.
  4. Launch the game and enjoy playing with the mod!

What to do in case of bugs or crashes?

To receive help, please head over to our issue tracker (either via GitHub or the "Issues" tab above), create a new issue and using the template and describe what happened as detailed as possible so we can reproduce the problem.
If a crash occured, please also include a link to the crash report (using Pastebin, Hastebin, GitHub Gist or any other paste service) as it includes important information which is necessary to find the cause of the issue.  


  • RebelT - Director, Texturer and Modeller
  • RedstoneTim - Coder


  • Ms. Random
  • Snakefangox
  • XboxSignOut
  • TheGamingLord
  • Novacraft
  • SteveBeeblebrox


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