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 Hunter's Return(former hunterillager mod)


This mod adds a new mob hunterillager!

They spawn in a new structure so keep an eye out for that!

also not only the hunter ilalger...

(Forge version need Bagus Lib ! for 10.0.1 or above)



  • Features:



These little menacing dudes live in a wooden hut that spawns in foresty biomes.
If it spots a player or animal he will come after it with a bow n' arrow!
When he successfully concerns his enemy he will creepily laugh...

When they are hurt they will grab a little meal to eat and replenish their health




Boomerang is HunterIllager's sub weapon

you can also craft boomerang

new enchantment bounce is new Boomerang Enchantment

when apply boomerang is more bounce on the wall



新しいエンチャント バウンスは新しいブーメランのエンチャントです




Rude Hog(move to Bagus Mob in 1.20.1-11.1.0)

This piglin is Respects piglins for hunting long ago(such as minecraft Legend's "beast".... or he only respect his hunt not him self)

They mainly hunt and have a strong sense of leadership over piglins.

He resents the old events of his ancestors, and he shows no mercy to anyone who disparages his comrades or his weapons.


They spawn in bastion and sometime nether wastes with hunter boar


Thanks for models ilyymira!


  • Credits:

 Bagu_Chan: (Coder and Model designer)

 MCVinnyq: (Original Texture-artist)

 Fuffles: (Overhauled the textures)

 Evo (Documentation)
 Akogiri (Sound design)

andrejulio90: (Overhauled the textures)

mcfella: (Overhauled the textures)

ilyymira:(new mobs texture!)


Warning: backport and fabric port not planned and do not ask port