Horror Movie Monsters are now in Minecraft!

Multiplayer Compatible! (1.12.2 and 1.14.4 version are no longer being updated! PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS IN THE COMMENTS)

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  • Krampus has some blue pixels on his texture
  • Pennywise 1990 will rarely drop his hair


CHANGELOG (v19.3)    

  • Michael Myers now does 4 hearts of damage instead of 6
  • Jason Voorhees now does 5 hearts of damage instead of 8
  • Leatherface now does 7 hearts of damage instead of 10
  • Candyman now does 4 hearts of damage instead of 5
  • Pyramid Head now does 8 hearts of damage instead of 15
  • Babyface now does 6 hearts of damage instead of 8
  • Victor Crowley now does 6 hearts of damage instead of 8

CHANGELOG (v19.2)    

  • When Jason Voorhees kills Freddy Krueger he will hold his head in his hand like the movie. If you Kill Jason while he is holding Freddy's head, he will drop it.
  • Changed color of Jason Voorhees and Pennywise's spawn eggs.

CHANGELOG (v19.1)    

  • Removed sounds for some monsters. 

CHANGELOG (v19)    

  • Added "Patrick Bateman" from "American Psycho". He will spawn with either a Chainsaw or an Axe.
  • Re-Added "Captain Spaulding" from "House of 1000 Corpses" & "Lubdan the Leprechaun" from "Leprechaun".
  • Pyramid Head's helmet is now WAY less laggy & should run MUCH better on less powerful PCs.
  • Changed health of the following monsters: Chucky (40-32), Pinhead (32-40), Kayako (32-24), Babyface - Happy Death Day (32-24).


previous versions changelog

CHANGELOG (v18)    

  • Added Dracula
  • The following monsters can now spawn in the Nether: Chucky, Sam, Annabelle, Krampus ,Pennywise, Pennywise (1990), Candyman & Kayako.
  • Decreased health of Hannibal Lecter (24-16), Ghostface (32-24), Frankenstein (24-16) & Creature from the Black Lagoon (24-16).
  • Slightly decreased spawn rate of all monsters



CHANGELOG (v17.2.1)    

  • Fixed Michael Myers skin.



CHANGELOG (v17.2)    

  • "Billy the Puppet", formerly known as "Jigsaw" is now small.
  • Michael Myers skin has been changed.



CHANGELOG (v17.1)    

  • The menu to enable/disable each monster from spawning can now be opened by pressing the "H" key, you can change it by going into the control options under "Gameplay". (see photos for example). *MUST BE OP LVL3 TO OPEN MENU IN MULTIPLAYER.



CHANGELOG (v17)    

  • You can now enable/disable spawning for each monster. (right click with stick in main hand & feather in offhand to show menu) *MUST BE OP LVL3 TO OPEN MENU IN MULTIPLAYER.
  • Added "Sam" from "Trick 'r Treat".
  • Added "Victor Crowley" from "Hatchet".
  • Fixed Krampus's skin.
  • Removed La LLorona, Kuchisake-Onna, Leprechaun, Teke Teke, Captain Spaulding.




  • Monsters now despawn when under sunlight in the day time.
  • Annabelle is now small again.



CHANGELOG (v16.1)    

  • Monsters with weapons now have a 100% chance to drop it.



CHANGELOG (v16)    

  • Added Advancements! (Kill each monster for an XP reward based on difficulty)
  • Added Creature from the Black Lagoon! (only spawns near water)
  • Increased amount of XP earned from each monster
  • Balanced health of all monsters
  • Decreased damage of Chucky and Ghostface's knife (from 4 to 3)




  • All monsters now attack any mob that injures them
  • Decreased Freddy's chances of spawning when going to sleep in a bed (from 10% to 6.66%)
  • Smith & Wesson Model 15 has been fixed and is working




  • Added Pennywise (1990)




  • Made changes to Leatherface, Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers and Ghostface's weapon models
  • Decreased amount of EXP dropped when Krampus is killed




Lowered health of most monsters




  • Improved Krampus model
  • Slightly changed Krampus texture
  • Slightly lowered Krampus & Freddy Krueger health




Fixed a bug that caused Chucky to spawn without a weapon




  • Fixed a bug that caused world loading to get stuck at 100% in 1.14.4




  • Added Krampus




  • Fixed a bug that caused Freddy to sometimes spawn when right clicking a bed in the day time
  •  Adjusted Health of most monsters




  • Fixed Forge (now compatible with the latest version, let me know if it needs to be fixed/updated again)
  • All weapons now have a custom attack speed (1.14.4 only)




  • Added Minecraft 1.14.4 support!
  • Other small fixes
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Chucky does not carry his weapon, this is due to issues with 1.14.4 and may be permanent. Chucky does still have a 25% chance to drop his weapon




  • Added Smith & Wesson Model 15 (25% chance to be dropped by Captain Spaulding)



  • Fixed Lubdan the Leprechaun's hitbox



  • Added Lubdan the Leprechaun from the film series Leprechaun


  • BUG FIX: Giant Frankenstein did not spawn when Frankenstein is struck by lightning




  • FIXED MULTIPLAYER! It should work now, please let me know if it doesn't




  • Added Babyface from the movie: The Hills Run Red
  • Added Babyface's Axe




  • Fixed small error in Teke Teke's model




  • Frankenstein, Kayako, Hannibal Lecter & Jigsaw have new skins
  • Pennywise, Babyface, La Llorona, The Nun & Kuchisake-onna have slightly updated/improved skins
  • Captain Spaulding's hat texture has been changed to match his skin





  • Added Teke Teke




  • When Frankenstein is struck by lighting he turns into Giant Frankenstein!




  • Removed the audio for some monsters




  • Added Frankenstein
  • Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Pinhead, Pyramid Head and Captain Spaulding now spawn in the Nether
  • All monsters now attack wolves




  • BUG FIX: Some monsters did not attack the player, this has been fixed.




  • Slightly improved Freddy Krueger Glove and Captain Spaulding Hat models
  • Monsters no longer spawn in the Nether




  • Improved cave spawning parameters, it's now even less likely for monsters to spawn in caves




  • Monsters no longer spawn in caves or the End
  • Removed Boss Health Bars (sometimes there are too many on screen)




  • Reverted AI change, it caused an unfixable bug




  • Greatly Improved AI
  • Chucky and Annabelle are now small
  • Slightly Increased spawn rate of all monsters
  • Increased amount of EXP earned when Pyramid Head is killed
  • Added Boss Health Bars to all monsters with weapons




  • Added Pyramid Head Sword (15 attack damage)
  • Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees will now attack each other when close
  • All monsters weapons are more efficient and have more enchantability
  • Speed of all monsters has been increased




  • Added Pyramid Head (slowest monster)




  • Added 3 MORE NEW monsters: Nun, Annabelle and Kuchisake-onna (also known as slit-mouth woman)
  • Small changes to AI of most monsters




  • BUG FIX: Kayako no longer goes invisible when hit (this was supposed to be in the last update but didn't work for some reason, it's fixed now) [This ability has been given to La Llorona]




  • Added 3 NEW monsters: Babyface, Captain Spaulding and La Llorona
  • La Llorona now goes invisible when hit instead of Kayako (Kayako is still fastest)
  • Added default sounds to monsters that were missing some




  • Increased movement speed of most monsters
  • Due to reports of bad FPS with new models, I've decided to revert back to the old models. I want everyone to enjoy the mod not just people with better PC's, Candyman's weapon model has been updated as
  • well, check the images to see all of the models.
  • Added Creative mode Inventory tab for every weapon in the mod





  • Removed water particles from Jason
  • Fixed some monsters AI




  • Improved Michael Myers, Jason, Chucky and Ghostface weapon models
  • Improved Pinhead head model
  • Freddy Krueger now has a 10% chance to spawn when going to sleep in a bed
  • Slightly reduced spawn rates for all monsters




  • Added Kayako (She goes INVISIBLE for about 6 seconds when attacked and is currently the fastest monster)
  • Monsters with weapons now have a 25% chance to drop it (in previous versions weapon drops were so rare it was almost impossible)
  • Greatly Increased amount of EXP each monster drops




  • Added Candyman and Candyman's Hook
  • Improved Freddy Krueger Glove model (see images for new model)
  • Adjusted all monsters movement speed and damage
  • Increased spawn rates of all monsters




  • Balanced all monsters movement speed based on their movie characters (Now every Monster won't be super fast, only a few)
  • MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBLE (It should work now, but if there are issues please let me know)
  • Fixed skins on some Monsters
  • Doubled spawn rates of Monsters without weapons
  • Fixed Michael Myers audio




  • Added Pennywise
  • Added Pinhead


  • You can prevent certain monsters from spawning by pressing the "H" key to open the menu, the keybind can be changed in the control settings under "Gameplay". By default all monsters are enabled.
  • All monsters have a 6.66% chance to drop their weapons if they have one.
  • All monsters deal the same amount of damage as their weapons, monsters with no weapons deal 2 hearts of damage. 
  • Freddy Krueger has a 6.66% chance to spawn when going to sleep in a bed.
  • Monsters DO NOT spawn in caves or the End, monsters labeled with "[N]" can spawn in the Nether
  • Freddy Krueger & Jason Voorhees attack each other when close. If Jason kills Freddy he will hold his head in his hand like the movie, you can kill Jason while he is holding Freddy's head to pick it up.
  • When Frankenstein is struck by lightning he turns into Giant Frankenstein
  • Captain Spaulding has a 100% chance to drop a Smith & Wesson Model 15





  • Billy the Puppet (16❤️) (SAW, Jigsaw) [skin created by: minecraft skin]
  • Michael Myers (40❤️) (Halloween) [skin created by: SoupCan2099, edited by me]
  • [N] Jason Voorhees (40❤️) (Friday the 13th) [skin created by: SteffenLive]
  • [N] Freddy Krueger (32❤️) (A Nightmare on Elm Street) [skin created by: Sneeze7]
  • Leatherface (32❤️) (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) [skin created by: bertie13]
  • Hannibal Lecter (16❤️) (Silence of the Lambs) [skin created by KKLuke]
  • Ghostface (24❤️) (Scream) [skin created by: Shiva]
  • [N] Chucky (32❤️) (Child's Play) [skin created by: SquareNexus]
  • [N] Pinhead (40❤️) (Hellraiser) [skin created by: Boomer]
  • [N] Pennywise (40❤️) (It) [skin created by: KKLuke]
    • [N] Pennywise (1990) (40❤️) (It) [skin created by: KKLuke]
  • [N] Candyman (32❤️) (Candyman) [skin created by: Calendar Man]
  • [N] Kayako (24❤️) (The Grudge) [The fastest monster] [skin created by: Village_girl_xo]
  • Babyface (24❤️) (Happy Death Day) [skin created by: LuisDLSantos]
  • La Llorona (24❤️) (The Curse of La Llorona) [She goes INVISIBLE for about 8 seconds when attacked] [skin created by: Majora_Raven66]
  • [N] Captain Spaulding (24❤️) (House of 1000 Corpses) [ skin created by: barrettr500]
  • Nun (32❤️) (The Nun) [skin created by: Agresiva, edited by me]
  • [N] Annabelle (24❤️) (Annabelle) [skin created by: purplescales]
  • Kuchisake-onna (24❤️) (Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman) [skin created by: _Maruku]
  • [N] Pyramid Head (40❤️) (Silent Hill) [Slowest monster, also the most powerful] [skin created by: If anyone knows the author of this skin please let me know, the skin was deleted off of PlanetMinecraft so I'm unable to find who made it.]
  • Frankenstein (16❤️) (Frankenstein) [skin created by: xXPurizeXx]
  • Giant Frankenstein (32❤️) (Frankenstein) [skin created by: User Profile, edited by me]
  • Teke Teke (16❤️) (Teketeke) [skin & model created by me]
  • Babyface (32❤️) (The Hills Run Red) [skin created by WeirdCriminal, edited by me]
  • Lubdan (24❤️) (Leprechaun) [skin & model created by me]
  • [N] Krampus (32❤️) (Krampus) [skin & model created by me]
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon (16❤️) (Creature from the Black Lagoon) [skin created by Norway_Lover]
  • Victor Crowley (32❤️) (Hatchet, Victor Crowley (2017)) [skin created by abbe88]
  • [N] Sam (24❤️) (Trick 'r Treat) [skin created by: ZombieKitty]
  • Dracula (16❤️) (Dracula) [skin created by alexmorton]
  • Patrick Bateman (16❤️) (American Psycho) [skin created by 1UPMiner]




  • Michael Myers's Knife (4❤️damage)
  • Jason Voorhees's Machete (5❤️damage)
  • Freddy Krueger's Glove (4❤️damage)
  • Leatherface's Chainsaw (7❤️damage)
  • Ghostface's Knife (3❤️damage)
  • Chucky's Knife (3❤️damage)
  • Candyman Hook (4❤️damage)
  • Pyramid Head Sword (8❤️damage)
  • Babyface's Axe (6❤️damage)
  • Victor Crowley's Axe (6❤️damage)
  • Smith & Wesson Model 15 (4❤️damage, uses GUNPOWDER for ammo) [any entity shot by it will experience Slowness level 1 for 30 seconds, Mining Fatigue level 3 & Weakness level 1 for 60 seconds] {This weapons resolution is slightly higher than the rest and may result in slightly less performance on some PC's}