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Hooked is a mod designed to provide an effective replacement for creative flight in the form of grappling hooks.
Above all else Hooked is designed to be simple, natural, and useful.


It's simple because:

  • hooks move in a perfectly straight line when firing them
  • hooks pull you toward them with a constant force
  • firing hooks doesn't require holding an item, instead it is a bauble bound to a key for immediate access
  • releasing hooks from walls requires just a tap of the space bar

It's natural because:

  • its simple controls mean it can quickly become a natural part of how you move through your world, as instinctive as the sneak key
  • the fact that hooks don't drop while in the air means you don't have to line up every shot, which adds to the automaticity of using it

It's useful because:

  • it provides options for everything from your first night in a world to frolicking in the nether without thought of the terrors it contains (ender hook, glancing hit on ceiling, quickly release, repeat).
  • it is natural to use, thus it will likely be used whenever and wherever it might be of use
  • hooks have no durability, so you can happily frolic through your world without feeling like every usage may be a waste
  • while using a hook your mining speed is completely unimpaired, unlike with flight (or falling, though I doubt you'll be breaking many blocks while falling, so that one isn't quite relevant)
  • hooks are simulated both client- and server-side much like normal movement, meaning a laggy connection shouldn't cause too much trouble (some desync will be inevitable, but that's a given with anything in such a situation)

Hook variants:

  • Wood hook - not great, but better than nothing in the super early game
  • Iron hook - pretty good and not too expensive with a cost totaling 13 iron and two sticks
  • Diamond hook - the best general-purpose hook in the mod, being fast enough for really any reasonable need and long enough for any reasonable position
  • Ender hook - one of the two diamond hook sidegrades, it's far too fast for any unreasonable need, and much longer than any unreasonable position would require
  • Red hook - the second diamond hook sidegrade, it's the only one with creative flight-like movement, though it's limited to the bounds defined by the hooks attached. 1 hook = vertical column, 2 = line, 3 = triangle, 4 = tetrahedron (pyramid with triangle as the base)


Although this video only shows the flashy bits of moving around the terrain, there are many more mundane uses for hooks:


  • Moving around awkward areas, such as...
    • caves
    • machine rooms
    • your creeper-scarred base
  • Hanging above machinery, in order to...
    • gain an overview and check that you haven't done anything obviously wrong
    • make sure your factory still looks pretty, if that's your thing
    • avoid falling into your crusher
    • bask in the glory of the factory
  • Locking yourself in position, to avoid...
  • Grappling to walls, so you can...
    • easily mine ores from ravines
    • climb up mountains
    • become Spider-Man
    • run dire-wire through the room through all 4 dimensions of spacetime

(Yes these hooks are heavily inspired by Terraria's, in fact I attempted this mod long ago as Terraria Hooks here and here)

Modpack policy: DON"T U DARE USE IT!!1! Feel free to include it! If you do I would love to hear about your pack because I love hearing/seeing people enjoy what I create.