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HLSpells is a mod that adds a simple magic and spells system fit for anyone wanting to avoid those over-complicated ritual magic mods.




  • A plethora of utility and action spells

  • Spellbooks able to hold and cast one spell

  • Lapis wands able to hold and cast three spells

  • Netherite staff able to hold and cas spells

  • Wizard's hat able to reduce the XP cost of spell-casting

  • New workstation Orb of Enchanting letting you store experience of up to 30 Levels


  • New block Altar of Attunement for attuning staffs and transferring spells


  • New totems









 Report any bugs to issue tracker




cultivator. - Lead Developer

Divinity - Developer

HLStudios - Lead Artist

StrikerRocker - Addtional Code
LazyKitch -  Additional Models & Textures

ThugPug43 - Additional Models & Textures

dhavin - Textures & Bug Testing

SameDifferent - Totem Code

Reikeb - Started Mod/Former Coder



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