Hex Lands

87,122 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 3, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Hex Lands

Typical example of hex land generation

Outline all + hex noise

Example with configs set to outline all hexes and add additional noise variation to each hex. This means that same biomes will be more varied in height and not connect.

Big Hexes

Hex generation with the hex size setting set higher to produce much larger tiles.

Map Overview

View of biome generation from journey maps with traverse installed.

Obsidian rim to bedrock

The border block can be changed in the configs. Here we use an obsidian block with the option to generate the borders down to bedrock turned on.

Flat Hex

Here's an example of all hexes being the same height (other than oceans). Configs used: I:biomeHeightAdjustment=0 I:hexSize=54 I:terrainBaseline=62 I:terrainHeight=44

Biomes O' Hexes

BoP Hex Land world type with Biomes O' Plenty installed

Nether Hex Gen with BoP Biomes