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Updated for 1.16.5 by AlcatrazEscapee

HexLands II






     This mod changed standard world generation into a hex based tiles, similar to a board game. Each hex will contain one biome, and hexes with the same biome will connect together. Config options allow for adjustments of hex size, terrain height, changing block that outlines hexes, and more. Hex worlds are created by selecting "World Type: Hex Lands" when creating a new world. Other than changing height and shape of biome, other feature should generate normally (villages, caves, ravines, lakes, etc). This mod should also work with extra mod biomes like Traverse and Defiled Lands.




Frequently Asked Questions


Does this work with modded biomes or other mods world gen?



Can it work with Biomes O' Plenty?

Yes, select BoP Hex Lands as the world type with Biomes O' Plenty installed.


Can you change or delete the rim block? 

Yes, change the config option S:rimBlock=minecraft:stonebrick to your desired block or set it to S:rimBlock=minecraft:air for no rim block


Can the borders extend down to bedrock?

Yes, set B:borderToBedrock=true


Can this work on just a server?

Yes, set the level-type in the server.properties to either hexlands or bophex for regular or biomes o' plenty worlds 


Does this change the nether or end?

Not currently, no  The end is not changed. As of version 1.5 nether hexes can be enabled in the config file by setting B:useNetherHexGen=true. This is compatible only with BoP nether biomes. 


Does this affect ore generation?



Anyone trading wood for my sheep?

No, no one wants your sheep James