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Heroic Death




This mod replaces the vanilla death messages with configurable custom death messages per damage source, not to be confused with DeathQuotes which adds a message after the fact.



Example (fall damage):



Here's how it works:


The mod will attempt to parse any json files stuck in the configs/heroicdeath folder on startup.
Note that this mod does not include any json by default (yet, this may change if some suggestions are contributed).


In addition, the messages in this folder can be reloaded at any time with `/heroicdeath reload` (not to be confused with the /reload command from vanilla)


The title of the json should be the name of the damage source that caused the death.


here are some Vanilla damage source names, note that some mods may add their own damage sources which would require a json under their name:


Standing in fire : inFire.json
Struck by lightning : lightningBolt.json
Being on fire = onFire.json
Contact with lava = lava.json
Contact with hot blocks such as magma blocks : hotFloor.json
suffocating in a wall : inWall.json
Entity cramming : cramming.json
Drowning : = drown.json
Starving : starve.json
Cactus = cactus.json
Fall damage : fall.json
flying into a wall while wearing elytra : flyIntoWall.json
Damage caused by falling into the void or the /kill command : outOfWorld.json
Generic damage : generic.json
Damage caused by splash potions of harming : magic.json
Withering debuff : wither.json
Crushed by an anvil : anvil.json
being hit by a falling block : fallingBlock.json
Dragon's breath smoke : dragonBreath.json
Standing too close to fireworks : fireworks.json

Now inside most json, there are 2 entries: normal, and afk.


Normal is used when the player is not afk, and is an array of possible death messages.

Afk is used when the player has been afk for more than 5 minutes.


Both entries are formatted as an array of strings with %s being used to substitute the player's name.

There are a few special exceptions to this format.

1) generic.json - This is used when the game is unable to find a cause of death for the player, it's otherwise formatted like above.


2) mob.json - This one is a bit more complicated, the game uses it for when killed by a normal mob attack such as a zombie.


At the root, there is a list of json entries labeled with the registry name of the mob that caused the damage.

Inside the entry, there are 3 sub entries; normal, afk and biggest.


normal and afk are the same as described above.  but biggest works a bit differently.  Biggest comes into play when another source that caused more damage than the fatal blow is involved in the attack such as taking fall damage then dying to a zombie (Player was doomed to fall by Zombie).


If this is the case, then an entry from this category will be chosen instead of normal, note that biggest has it's own damage type categories similar to the json titles. a second %s can be used to substitute the mob name.

If the mod is unable to find the json for the death cause, then a warning will be logged and it will fallback to the vanilla message.

Note: this mod is serverside only, but a lang file may be required on the client in order to translate messages.


Important in 1.12: This mod needs Mixin to carry out it's operations, this mod does not bundle Mixin with itself so either use MixinBootstrap, or another Mixin-containing mod such as vanillafix or malisiscore in order for this mod to function properly.  This will no longer be the case in 1.16.2 and later versions.

This mod was made on commission.  If you would like to commission a mod or just want to chat, contact me on Discord: