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This mod add 17 Hermit Bosses you need to fight. In order to do so, you'll need to explore and find each one of the 17 blocks needed to summon a Hermit Boss.


There block generate on different places, biomes or are droped by special mobs.


You will need to craft a Hermit Summoner then drop the corresponding block on top of it, then, the Hermit Boss will appear and will attack you with his/her own style.


Everyone has a special weakness to be defeated with, of course it makes sense.


Next I will include some information on how to find the blocks you need:


Iskallium ore: find this orde down in the depths, is green and glowing, rarer than diamond.

Stimpack chest: you may find this chest full of healing items on nether fortresses.

Golden log: Look close in the oak trees, there may be a golden piece of log.

Builder's Crate: Have you seen one close to a village blacksmith? There's rarely one there.

Tea plant: This is a rare plant that grows in the jungle.

Blue Slime Block: If you face a blue slime hopping on slime chinks, you may get a chance to get it to drop one of this blocks.

Zombie Flesh Block: In the nether, rarely a lady zombie spawns holding one of these, you can try and get her to drop it.

Crown in stone: Look for desert temples, you may nead to tear them all down and see if there's a crown in the stone.

Snake leaves block: Look for it in the swamplands, can you hear it hiss? Remember to use shears.

@ Block: You may be lucky to find it on an end city.

Castle Diorite: It's high in the mountains.

Cat liter: Special kitty sand you may find on a beach biome.

Cosmic Dust: Falls from the sky, but does not get to reach normal land, maybe in a high mountain.

Crafted Bench: Some villages have fancy crafting tables on their libraries.

Coffee Beans: Are they cocoa beans? No, Coffee beans, look almost the same.

Ocean Glass: On the ocean floor, hold your breath.

Helmet in Stone: Remember those desert wells? Knight helmets are some times in the sandstone.


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