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Helping Herds


Llama buffs, better rates of farm animal drops, and scattered hay you can place on the ground

Very configurable, in case you don't like some of the changes made!


Llama buffs

  • All Llamas will have the maximum chest storage size
  • Llama spit will apply a slow-down effect to hit mobs
  • Llama spit does bonus damage to Blazes
  • Llamas with active potion effects will spread the effect to any mob they spit on
  • Wearing a carpet boosts defense 
  • Tamed + Leaded Llamas will defend you when you are hurt / when you hit a mob (Like how Wandering Trader Llama's defend the Wandering Trader)


Chicken buffs

  • Chance for a feather to be left behind when a Chicken takes damage
  • Occasionally feathers are left on the ground


Drop buffs

  • Farm animals will never not drop something. When a farm animal is slain you'll either get a drop as usual, or if the mob was going to drop nothing you will get at LEAST its non-meat drop: a leather, feather, or rabbit hide. This means less cows need to be pointlessly killed less often.


Animal Tempt Item Additions

  • Llamas are tempted by Hay Blocks
  • Horses are tempted by Carrots and Apples


New Block

  • Scattered Hay can be crafted with 5 wheat in an X pattern, It's a decorative block meant for laying on the ground of animal stables, pens, and such


New Effect

  • "Slobbered" effect: When a Llama spits on a mob, the mob gets slowed down + isn't able to be on fire temporarily


New Features

  • Sneak + Right Click a Wandering Trader spawn egg while facing the sky to summon a Wandering Trader with two llama guards
  • Right Click a Wandering Trader with a Trader Llama spawn egg to attach a leashed Llama to it



  • A known glitch that I have to fix: Llamas locking onto a target and spitting in the direction of that mob forever, even if the target dies.ait can be resolved if you move the Llama.