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Heavy Inventory


This mod makes it even more difficult to manage your inventory, as now the more items you have, the slower you are. However, with the dumbbell you can train, get stronger and carry more items.

You have a limit of training per day and if you don't train for 2 days, you lose muscle mass. It is also possible to train more in a single day by eating Whey Protein.


This Mod has a system to move and hide its HUD if necessary, just look at the key bind menu.


Questions, suggestions and bugs. Please comment.



To enable or disable the dumbbell training system, use this command (Sets base weight bearing capacity, if you reach that amount of block in inventory it will be virtually impossible to walk)



Sets the basis of weight-bearing ability (Default: 2304)

/heavy_inventory_max_stack 2304


Sets how many times you will have to lift the dumbbell to get stronger (Default: 10)



Sets the current position on the server as the default for new players