Heat And Climate

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Filename HeatAndClimateMod_1.12.2-3.4.1.jar
Uploaded by defeatedcrow
Uploaded Oct 4, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 10.73 MB
Downloads 1,094
MD5 e95b02144876821003586d97625baded
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


*** note ***

The food advanced functions (microbe and brewing) is still WIP.
This version contains meny items that no effect.



- add: Microbe items (WIP)
- add: Culture Medium
- add: Some material items
- add: Incubator
- add: Wooden Brewing Tank
- add: Beer and Wine
- add: Chick in Egg
- add: Base Fertilizer Block
- add: Wide Mining Potion Effect
- change: Added new recipes for boiled eggs and boiled edamame.
- change: Some material items moved the machine creative tab.
- change: Added oredic name for container blocks.
- fix: Fixed a crash of the spindle machine.
- fix: Fixed scythe behavior in creative mode.
- fix: Fixed the effect of gold pendant (red) drops wrong size itemstacks.
- fix: Fixed a crash on loading of the Animania plugin.
- ex: Added the narrow search for fluid info gui of JEI plugin.
- ex: Some inner fixes.

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