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This mod used to be a simple feature from Gany's End but by popular demand I decided to release it as a separate mod.

What the mod adds:

-Vanilla mobs/animals heads

-Thermal Foundation

-Twilight Forrest mobs heads

-Natura mobs heads

-Thaumcraft mobs heads

-Primitive Mobs heads

-Grimoire of Gaia heads

-Laser Creeper Robot Dino Riders From Space heads

-Minecraft celebrities heads as dungeon loot

-All of the heads added by this mod are wearable!

-MOBS! Find your favourite modder/youtuber/streamer/friend as a mob in the world! But careful, they don't like you! (and I don't blame them, look at yourself). Any names added to the config file will also spawn in the world!

You can, of course, remove and add names to the celebrities list at any time using the configs!

You can also make player statues by crafting a player head with 2 clay blocks underneath it!!!


Suggestions are always welcome! Feel free to request features you feel this mod is lacking (mod support, new config options, etc) 


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can Headcrumbs's heads stabilise Thaumcraft's infusion?

A: Yes, they can!


Q: Does the beheading aspect from Tinker's Construct influence on the head drop rate of Headcrumbs?

A: Yes, it does!



You can use this in any pack public or private. Don't ask for permission, you already have it.

You are also allowed to modify the mechanics of this mod in any way you want (recipes, ore dictionary names and etc), as long as it's done by a third party mod and keeping this mod file intact.


Adding/Removing heads:

Since I've noticed some people are having difficulties adding and removing heads using the config file, I decided to write a quick tutorial for it!

With the mod properly installed, load up minecraft (duh).

In the main mene, click the Mods button.

It will open up a menu with a list of names of all the mods you have installed. Find Headcrumbs on that list and click on it!

The Config button will show up on the bottom of the list, click on it to open the next menu.

Now you'll see just two buttons, click on the "heads" buttons to add/remove heads. The "general" buttons is for other settings of the mod such as turning off heads drops, controlling how rare they are, if they should drop when mobs are killed by charged creepers and so on. I recommend checking it out too :)

Once you click on the heads buttons a list of categories will show up, It doesn't matter which category you add your usernames to, I only have it setup that way because the default list was pretty big, so I thought it would be easier to split it up. It makes absolutely no difference, when in game, the category that you add your names to. In this tutorial I've chosen the "others" category.

Now that you clicked on a category you'll see the list of names currently in that category. To remove a name click on the red "X" button besides that name.

To add a name click on the bottom-most "+" button.

Type in the username exactly as they are (capitals matter!!!) and you're done! If you want to add or remove more usernames just repeat the previous step. When you're done click the done button and it will take you back to the main menu. You might need to restart minecraft in order to your changes to take effect.

For modders and advanced users:

If you'd like to use this mods heads with your mod and you know how to use reflection:


ganymedes01.headcrumbs.utils.HeadUtils.createHeadFor(EntityPlayer player)


ganymedes01.headcrumbs.utils.HeadUtils.createHeadFor(String username)


will return an ItemStack containing one head of the passed player. Feel free to use them anyway you'd like.