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An addon mod for my upcoming Scorched Bronze Modpack, featuring tons of guns, mobs and LOTS of miscellaneous bits and bobs. Built with tdstress's Updated Engineering resource pack and EndRage's Create Guns resource pack in mind as many of the textures and guns were based off them. As of now, nothing has a recipe and a few mobs dont have drops as they are intended for my pack, i figured id release now for anyone who wants to mess around with the stuff i've made. If there is any interest ill probably split up the mod into individual modules and release them as standalone mods. 

Check the images tab for a peak at some of the mod!


Download the standalone version of the guns here




Create Guns


Mr Crayfish's Gun Mod






AutovwDev for the wonderful Additional Guns mod for the easy to read code which helped incredibly in making the weapons

EndRage for the beautiful Create Guns resource pack which inspired The majority of the create guns in this pack

tdsress for the fantastic Updated Engineering for inspiration for some of the bullet/shells in this pack

JerryLu086 for the unfortunately dead Rose Gold mod, for the rose gold gear