This mod will not be ported to recent versions. Instead check out Meet Your Fight for a similar mod.


Entry for the MMD Spooky Jam 2018.


When thunder strikes on a cloudless sky

When his laughter echoes through the night

Careless fighters wish to reap his scythe

But soon all will fall to his fiery smile


The Harvester is a boss that occasionally spawns during the night. You can spot his entrance by a lightning strike followed by his ominous laughter (if you're close enough). Kill it before the day rises and you will be rewarded with his scythe, a powerful tool for mowing down grass, flowers and leaves.


He is not intended to be a difficult boss, as he's meant to be fight early in the game, where his drops are the most useful.


Spawn rate and dimension white/blacklist are configurable. You can also configure it to not make it look like a boss (disable spawn animation, remove health bar).


Review by Mischief of Mice: