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Harder Natural Healing


This mod is Supported by Galaxy Synth!  Thank you!


Harder Natural Healing gives you control of healing in your game!   Fine tune your game or your modpack's challenge level to your taste!

Harder Natural Healing will make beacons, bandages, potions, healing items, and healing spells much more useful!

By default, this mod simply restores the slower healing rate minecraft used to have and adds the option to have a small heal each morning when the player wakes up.

However, Harder Natural Healing actually gives you complete control over natural healing in your game or modpack.

What Options do you have?

Do you want players to heal faster?   Or Slower?   You control how fast a player heals per second.

Do you want healing to use more food?  Or less food?  You control how much hunger healing causes.

Do you want to allow players to still heal when they are hungrier?  Or to be less hungry to heal?  You control how much hunger before healing stops.

Do you want players to heal when they sleep and wakeup?   Or not?  To heal a little or a lot after sleeping?  You control how much a person heals when they wake up.

Do you want to play in Peaceful mode but want hunger to still work?  And take damage (even die if you want to!) from starvation.


And In Version 11+ You can configure it so players will starve to hit point level including 0 hit points in any difficulty setting. 

Default Configuration File

The Default settings restore the original Minecraft healing rates and add a small heal each morning a person wakes up in bed.

["Harder Natural Healing Control Values"]

#healingPerSecond #Range: 0.0 ~ 10.0

healingPerSecond = 0.25

#Can the player get hungry and maybe even starve to death in peaceful mode.

peacefulHunger = true

#minimum hit points for peaceful mode starvation.

#Range: 0 ~ 20

minimumStarvationHealth = 0

#Attack Healing Delay in Ticks

#Attack Healing Delay in Ticks #Range: 0 ~ 3600

attackHealingDelayTicks = 400

#minimumFoodHealingLevel #Range: 0.0 ~ 22.0*

minimumFoodHealingLevel = 16.0

#healingExhaustionCost - Hunger exhausted per healing event. #Range: 0.0 ~ 10.0

healingExhaustionCost = 2.0

#extraExhaustionWhenHurt #extraExhaustionWhenHurt #Range: 0.0 ~ 1.0

extraExhaustionWhenHurt = 0.0125

\#wakeupHealingAmount #Range: 0.0 ~ 10.0

wakeupHealingAmount = 4.0

#Debug Level: 0 = Off, 1 = Log, 2 = Chat+Log #Range: 0 ~ 2

debugLevel = 0

Users with operator level (or in creative LAN game with cheats on) can use the following commands.

type /hardernaturalhealing and then the command option.  The parameters are in the brackets [].  You choose one value.
0-ShowSettings displays the current settings.
1-NewSettings [0 to 4] Sets multiple settings in one easy command.  Settings are "easy", "normal", "harder", "superhard", "wakeup"

1-PeacefulHunger [true or false] true means the player can starve to death even in peaceful mode
1-MinimumStarvationHealth [0 or 1] 0 means player can starve to death.   1 means player will starve to 1 health.
1-HealthAfterDeath [1 to 20]
1-HungerAfterDeath [ 0 to 20]

2-healingPerSecond [0.25 to 10]

2-attackHealingDelayTicks [0 to 3000]  (there are 20 ticks per second.  So 10 would be a half second delay, 3000 would be a 150 second delay after attacking)

2-minimumFoodHealingLevel [0 to 22] half hunger bars (so 20 is 10 full foodbars)

2-healingExhaustionCost [0.0 to 10.0] how much food healing costs
2-wakeupHealingAmount [0.0 to 10.0] how much a player heals when they wake up from a bed
2-extraExhaustionWhenHurt [0.0 to 1.0] anything over 0.0 means player consumes food faster when wounded
3-debugLevel [0 to 2] 0 is quiet, 1 is high level details, 2 is *everything*.  For modpack developers.

Setup Suggestions


There are several built in settings.  Any operator can set these values with in game commands.

Peaceful (requested by bubbazanetti_z900 !)

peacefulHunger = true

minimumStarvationHealth = 0 or 1

Then choose a set below.


healingPerSecond = 0.75

attackHealingDelayTicks = 40

minimumFoodHealingLevel = 12.0

healingExhaustionCost = 1.0  (Half the normal food use to heal)

wakeupHealingAmount = 6.0

extraExhaustionWhenHurt = 0.0


healingPerSecond = 0.5

attackHealingDelayTicks = 100

minimumFoodHealingLevel = 16.0

healingExhaustionCost = 2.0 

wakeupHealingAmount = 0.0

extraExhaustionWhenHurt = 0.0125

Harder (default)

healingPerSecond = 0.25 (player heals 1 point per 4 seconds- the old rate)

attackHealingDelayTicks = 200

minimumFoodHealingLevel = 16.0

healingExhaustionCost = 2.0 

wakeupHealingAmount = 2.0

extraExhaustionWhenHurt = 0.03



healingPerSecond = 0.016  (player heals 1 point per minute- half their health per game day)

attackHealingDelayTicks = 300 (player doesn't heal for 15 seconds after attacking)

minimumFoodHealingLevel = 16.0

healingExhaustionCost = 2.0 

wakeupHealingAmount = 0.5

extraExhaustionWhenHurt = 0.0

On Waking Only

healingPerSecond = 0.0

attackHealingDelayTicks = 0

minimumFoodHealingLevel = 16.0

healingExhaustionCost = 2.0 

wakeupHealingAmount = 6.0

extraExhaustionWhenHurt = 0.0 or 0.125

Patron Supporters 

You can support our work with Patreon.   This will help since alternative modloaders do not share a portion of their advertising income with us like Curseforge.

Harder Natural Healing was supported by user Galaxy Synth for the summer and fall.  Thanks for his support.  He can't continue so the mod has no patron again.

Hopefully someone else will help keep it available on alternative mod loaders.

You can join us on our Discord Server at the link below.

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