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Added 5 new task types
    - Location task
        A task where the player has to reach up to 4 different locations. These locations are specified by a coordinate, a radius and which dimension.
        The coordinate and radius can be left out to make the task to just reach a specific dimension.
        Also, one can specify what the player will see: Both the coordinate and radius, only the coordinate or nothing. This way you can give players clues to where to go and once they get there the task is completed.
    - QDS task
        This task type is just like the normal consume task with one exception, the "Manual submit" buttons has been disabled. This allows you to teach players how to use the QDS and actually make sure they try it.
    - Detection task
        This task is a new type of item task. You don't have to hand in the items, having them in your inventory is enough.
        However, this means that you need all items of one type in your inventory at the same time. Otherwise someone who required 2 iron could use the same iron twice. However, if you need 2 iron and 3 gold, you don't have to have all 5 items on you at the same time: 2 iron at one point and 3 gold at some other point is fine.
        The detection for items is done when you craft an item, pick up an item or click on the "Manual detect" button.
    - Killing task
        A task where the player has to kill a specific amount of monsters from up to 4 types. The types are a list of all the mobs registered by vanilla and any mods.
        Select a mob, a kill required count and which mode that should be used. The Exact mode means that only that specific mob counts whereas the Type mode allows for subtypes as well. For instance, if the spider is selected the Type mode detects cave spiders too.
    - Death task
        A task that is completed when you die a specific amount of times. This could either be used to help a player (if you die a lot of times you get some extra items to help you on the way) or to troll them.
Added Repeatable Quests
    A quest can have one of four different repeatable modes
        - None
            This quest can only be completed once. This has been the only option in the past.
        - Instant
            As soon as this quest is completed, it can be completed for a new set of rewards.
        - Interval
            At a specific interval specified in minecraft days and hours(a mc hours = 50 normal seconds) everyone that have completed the quest will be allowed to completed it again.
        - Cooldown
            At a specific time specified in minecraft days and hours(a mc hours = 50 normal seconds) after you have completed the quest it becomes available again.
    When a quest is completed the first time it will forever be declared as "Completed", this means that quests that have this quest as a requiredment will be made avaiable (as long as they don't require other quests to be completed to).
    If you, or anyone in your party, completed the quest again before you claimed your reward your previous reward will be lost. This means that you can't stack rewards.
Added Trigger Quests
    Trigger quests can be sued to control the visibility of quests until certain quests are completed. They can trigger other quests. There are four different types.
        - None
            This is just a normal quest. This has been the only option in the past.
        - Trigger Quest
            This quest will always be invisible. Any sub quests it has will be invisible until you complete this quest. On completion this quest will remain invisible and won't offer the player any reward.
        - Trigger Tasks
            This quest's first X tasks are trigger tasks (X being a configurable integer). This quests and all its subquests will be invisible until the trigger tasks are completed. When the trigger tasks is completed, the player get access to the quest and can see both the trigger tasks and the remaining tasks of the quest.
        - Reversed Trigger
            This quest will be invisible until it's available. In other words, as soon as all parent quests have been completed this quest becomes invisible. When this quest is invisible, so will all its subquests.
    Remember that some task types are not suited for being in a Trigger Quest or a Trigger Task. For example, the Consume Task requies you to use "Manual submit" or bind it to a QDS, both impossible if you can't access the task.
    An example of the use of trigger quests would be to introduce a questline when the player reaches a certain location. This is acieved either with a Trigger Quest or a Trigger Task with a location task checking for that location.
Added 2 new blocks
    Both these blocks are for map makers only and requires you to be in edit mode to configure properly. Both also requires you to bind a quest to them. To do so, go to the page where you can see all quests in a set. Click on the Select Quest button and then click on a quest. Now right-click the block with your book.
        - Quest Tracker System (QTS)
            This block will send out an analog redstone signal(0-15) depending on quest progress.
            Once can specify which players to count using the radius setting, only players within a sphere with that radius will be used it the redstone strength calculattion. If the radius is set to 0 it will use all players, even offline ones.
            There are four different modes which all define the redstone strength in different ways
            - Team Tracker
                The redstone strength is defined by the amount of teams that have completed this quest. If a player is not in a team it is still concidered to be in a one person team. At least one player in the team has to pass the radius check.
            - Player Tracker
                The redstone strength is defined by the amount of players that have completed this quest.
            - Progress Tracker (Max)
                The redstone strength is defined by the progress of the person that has come furthest in this quest. Not done at all gives a strength of 0, fully completed gives 15 and partially completed gives strengths 1 to 14.
            - Progress Tracker (Close)
                The redstone strength is defined by the progress fo the person closest to the block. Not done at all gives a strength of 0, fully completed gives 15 and partially completed gives strengths 1 to 14. No matter what the radius setting is set to, this mode never includes offline players.
            The redstone signal emitted is a strong signal.
        - Quest Gate System (QGS)
            This block will (by default) be solid(texture and collision) for players that haven't completed the quest and transparent(no texture and no collision) for those who have.
            This can however be changed so it is solid when completed and invisible otherwise, or a lot of other combinations. One can control whether textures and collision should be on in the two states(completed or not) independent of each other.
            The block will have multiple states at the same time, depending on the player it interact with. It doesn't matter if two players are trying to walk through it at the same time, the ones who should be let through will while the others won't be let through.
            There are three different themes to this block
            - Tech Theme
                Uses a texture that works well in a tech map
            - Magic Theme
                Uses a texture that works well in a magic map
            - Custom Theme
                Allows you to specify a block in its interface, the QGS will now look as this block.
            One can pick the block (default: middle mouse) to get the block with all its settings (bound quest, theme and camouflage) which makes it easy to make bigger gates.    

Quest Option
    Quests can now be linked to each other as options. If one quest is completed all quests it is linked to as options becomes invisible and can't be completed anymore.
    Quest options can be combined with Trigger Quests to make one or more options invisible, so the player doesn't even have to know there's an alternative quest line.

Small changes    
    - Changed the maximum unique player    count from 1k to 65k

    - Quests that require quests in other sets to be completed to be enabled have stated how many of said quests there are. Now they state how many that are missing as well. For instance "Requires 2/3 quests to completed elsewhere.".
    - A few bug fixes